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Can anyone please tell me how reputable a company cmil are in Egypt, im haveing a few issues with them at the moment and wonder if it is worth shelling out the money for the courses they are running at the moment .. this is from a very keen guy wanting to join the industry and this is the second time ive been f#!k About and im getting slightly Evil or Very Mad about it i come from the professional diving community I thought that was bad .......... HELP
CMIL advertised on here before the forum crash. I have not heard of them (after 2 years working in Egypt).

I would not recommend them as a reputable company for offshore training. They are not well known as a training company, thats for sure.
Thanks Ray saved me a few quid im sad this industry seems worse than the diving mob im now going to do my offshore certs and take it from there could you recommend the courses to do that will have some credance as to persueing a carrer offshore
My opinion only:-

depending on the country you are in, get some nationally recognised qualifications in electrical/electronic/hydraulic course. In the UK, I would say an NVQ or SVQ or National certificate.

Degrees are not highly thought of. Usual thing with a degree is that the person knows the squqre root of an orange but doesn't know how to peel it! i.e. theory is worth nothing, its all about practical experience.

Likewise, any ROV training course done by external training companies are felt to be not worth the money (unless someone else is paying for it!)

Get practical experience plus your offshore survival and medical and start phoning round.
I asked them what type fo courses they did and how much they cost
they got back real fast with a price list.

Dear Paddy,

We would like to know from which country you are, what is your age and what is your educational background.

We would like to assure you that none of the courses available right now in any part of the world provide real time live experience of 100 hours in ROV Piloting like us do.

We provide training of ROV and Deep Sea Diving courses in Alexandria, Egypt. During the training you are subjected to work with any of our projects on requirement to gain practical experience in US, Europe, Australia, the transportation cost will be provided by the CMIL.

Below given are fee structure of various ROV courses we conduct apart from deep sea diving courses.

1] ROV Supervisor Course
Fee: $3500
Duration: 3 weeks

2] ROV Pilot / Maintenance Course
Fee: $5507
Duration: 4 weeks

3] ROV Technician Course
Fee: $4400
Duration: 4 weeks

* Note: If you join any two courses, a discount of US$1007 will be offered. Admissions are open for June intake; you have to confirm your admission by May 2006.

We are eagerly waiting for your reply.

With regards,

Public Relations
CMIL (Egypt Div)

I then asked them what certification you get if you pass the course and you've guessed i'm still holding my breath (and yes i'm blue going on black)

not with a barge pole

paddy Smile
Im doing the pilot and technician course at the Underwater center in Fort William, Scotland. Ive been told its a good place to do it and you come away with an NVQ3.The exact quals are listed on the Im doing it as resettlement from the Marines and needs to be Level 3 to get the extra cash from the tightwads!! There is a wealth of info on the site as to how much is relevant - Im not sure...hope that helps.
Another site(s) to check out to help with the electronics side of things is:
and the electronics club at:

Please, please, please dig up the threads regarding CMIL from the old forum, as quick as possible, before people start losing their hard earned cash!!!!
Pay peanuts...get monkeys!
Get trained by monkeys...get paid peanuts!
Stultus est licut stultus facit.
Es debilem vinculum, vale!
Hello people,
Havent you read what i posted about CMIL a long time back, They are just Fuc***$ Scammers, I have been scamed by them, i personally have been to their Hyderabad office, m an Indian from Mumbai,I have received the same first email as (garderner) received,its ditto similar.
They will try to ask you stupid questions and u know what, theres nothing there in their little office, all broken chair n broken furniture,
Today i will tell you the whole story, so that no one will ever get scamed.

Just mark the points, i dont know about egypt but india i know, go to and find owner, u will find this Bastard
name Afzal someting, and in the address u will find toilchowki that is a
slum area in hyderabad, these smart and sick mot### fuc**** will try to
convince u and promise u to employ u with a start of RS.40,000/- Monthly which is round about 1000 US, and will totally fool you, u will be surprised, have u ever noticed the person who writes the emails doesnt mention his name, its just public relations CMIL.
Guys wake up, I have searched a lot every where and i have known
there is not a single company in INDIA for ROV recruitment and training
I wud'nt like to involve any religion here but they are certainly those
mu**** FuC**** who are fooling innocent people like you and me and making money out of us, Mr. Garderner read this email 1000 times
and post here for any help, i know these people, and i will tell you the whole story if u want.

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