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Anyone got any info on Angola.Appreciate any feedback. Question
Hey mate !

I've been to angola three times in the last 5 years , arrived at Luanda airport , arranged pick-up by the agent to the Hotel , same to the vessel .

There are a few places to go to for drinks or just stay in the hotel at the bar.

We normally mobilise only for two days before we go offshore and another two (demob) when we come back and fly off .

Cheers ,


Shippingagent Panalpina
My dad has worked there for years with Camerons. Seems to like it. Couldn't tell you much about the place though.
angola is one of the choice countrys to go to in west africa. same rules apply there as for anywhere else in the region. remember your visa, vaccination cards (specially yellow fever) and $$$$$'s

talk to your doc about malaria pills not near as bad offshore but if your onshore for a while you will need it. and a good mozzy spray

going out drinking? stay in a group otherwise the hotels are good enough.

follow other threads in the forum they have usefull info from other people that work in west africa
Not a bad place to work.
I find the major hassle is getting into the country, espicially on the BA flight, and if you are very unlucky the Houston Express comes in, it takes even longer to get through customs as your passport goes to the bottom of the pile. If you are staying in Luanda it's not too bad in getting out of the airport, but if you are going to Cabinda / Malongo (another 1 hour flight) working for Chevron, you have to wait even longer in the departure lounge (if you're lucky), and if the Houston express is late there's an even longer wait till all the good ol boys get their visas and bags.
Miami beach is one of the nicer beach front bars, stay away from a night club called Bingo, I was scared to death in there, and that was because of the women.

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