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According to FET the Mohican that i am currently supervising has broken the depth record for deepest Mohican dive we have currently reached 2157m which is almost 8% deeper than its rated depth of 2000m , on 18 dives, some lasting 3 days and the machine has so far been reliable ,no leaks and no faults over last 6 weeks . We have permission from the bosses on shore to take it to a max of 2200m .
That's pretty cool - would you be up for talking about this achievement at an IMCA ROV Seminar in Singapore at the end of November?
deepest dive now 2159 m but the anoxic environment makes a mess of the ROV
It will soon be the size of a Videoray lol
In practise, many of the housings and bulkhead penetrators will have a safety factor included in their design. You are simply operating beyond the stated "service depth". Whilst this may be fine for some manufacturers (some will manufacture to a 50% safety pressure vessel design), others may only use a margin of 10% - I suspect your technical manager has spoken to Forum and got a conservative estimation of that margin.

In that regard, I can't see any issue with insurance claims in the event of something going wrong - you're likely operating under instruction and (I suspect) in accordance with guidance from manfufacturer. I'd take a hard copy of that email though !!!

Kudos to you. Takes cah-hone-ays.
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Savante ,, have to agree with all you say ,,
to be honest the biggest problem is the acidic aneroxic water which takes a hell of a toll on whips , cables ,Burtons and bulkheads , the rubber and insulation gets soft after prolonged exposure its also having a nasty effect on our work class systems hydraulic hoses ,,

our mohicans current deepest dive record is 2185m with the TMS at 2150m.

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