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Hello guys,

I wanted to share a bit of wisdom with those who are presently unemployed and are unprepared.

Firstly, I feel for the unemployed, I really do. I've been stuck in this situation more than once and lost everything I owned 6 years ago including my business, my family and going bankrupt. I had to liquidate everything I owned just to survive and put food on my kid's table. I was literally eating on a budget of 10usd a week and living out at a remote family cabin or at friend's house. So I know how it feels.

I was in the process of becoming a truck driver when I got offshore work again.

My only possessions left when I finally got a job again were 1 bag of clothes, a laptop, a bag of scuba gear. It turned out to be liberating and a positive experience but not one I wanted to repeat.

So I took action. I moved to a cheap country near work in SEA, I adopted a cheap lifestyle that only cost me 1 month of offshore work for 1 year, found a boring but stable job and invested my money on my own business...

Right now I am one of the few who are benefiting this downturn because I can purchase ROV equipment at a fraction of the cost...

One thing I didn't do when shit hit the fan was bleating on forums that time are hard because firstly I was responsible for my situation and secondly the oil and gas industry doesn't owe me anything. I chose it with the good and the bad that came with it.

To whom the shoe fit:

Your life as you know it is over. Time to stop hoping and start doing. Liquidate your assets change your lifestyle, reduce your monthly overhead and prepare yourself for the next wave of Oil and Gas money.

When work comes up again take the first job you can to breath a little and then impose your usual rate.

When the industry is good, secure a good job and save enough money to sustain your expenses for a long time and invest money before buying toys.

Do this and you might be able to keep working for top dollar and enjoy the semi retired life for the rest of your career.

If you are not prepared to do what is needed, then get a more stable job. Work 9-5, have 2 weeks off a year and your weekends.

Oil and gas don't owe you a lifestyle. Your nothing special because you "made it" offshore.

Don't take this the wrong way, but reality is something YOU have to adjust to.

I'm sure this post will piss a lot of folks off, but I had to get it off my chest for the simple reason that I find this Forum deserves better.

Yes times are hard, but jobs are being posted when available.

Here is another hint, some members on here are in positions to hire or influence directly who to hire. Post intelligent technical discussions, share your knowledge, be professional, you never know...

Cheers and good luck to all,
Sound advise mate, and yup I'm pretty sure a few of your comments will rub a few lads up the wrong way, but like you say you've got to be realistic
Spot on chewy!

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