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I am experiencing the following problem:-

I have no Stbd Aft Thruster movement. Previously over the last couple of weeks we experienced this problem twice and this problem each time was caused by a Pico Fuse on the O/P of PCB 6034P on connector 2, pin 3. We have not got to the reason why this fuse failed.

Whilst fault finding on this fault last night we had the same problem (No Stbd Aft Thruster Movement) but we did not have a fuse blown. We do not have Stbd Aft Thruster working. Whilst fault finding we did change out the thruster but no change

I then moved the control conector 2 Stb Aft on PCB 6034P thruster control card to the Stbd Fwd output and the thruster works fine. So from connector down to thruster all is good

I have just rechecked the fuses and no fuse has blown on PCB6034P or PCB6056P.

Whilst fault finding we measured voltages at connectors on PCB6034P and compared Stbd Aft with Pt Aft and the voltages were similar with inputs from joystick.

The Bulkhead has been meggered and appears to be good with full Mohms across control lines.

No Pico fuses are blown and no main fuses are blown.

I have measured 260V at bulkhead of Stbd Aft and I measured the control voltages which appear correct.

So it appears that everything is working fine except the thruster will not turn if plugged into Stbd Aft bulkhead. When you have the thruster in your hand compared to Pt Fwd then you can feel the Stbd Aft thruster is not alive.

When I changed PCB6034P again then the fault cleared. Rebuilt the system and carried out deck checks. The Stbd thruster lasted around 5 mins before it stopped again. Once again there are no fuses blown but Stbd Aft Thruster not working. I could change this PCB again but wanted to ask for any assistence first.

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Harry,
Check the AC supply to the tiger. If the supply is too high, as i remember (When i used to work for a living) this can happen. You will need to adjust the AC in the PSU to get the AC down to 240V.

Give this a try and tell us how you got on.


There is a control card associated with each thruster (separate to the power card).
Can't remember the card number of the top of my head, but I would expect one to be in your spares.
Guys, Thanks for your help. Fault eventually traced to a loose wire on the back of the 96 wire plug on PSU1. This was shorting and taking out the Thruster Drive card PCB6034P
Would that fault, not affect all thrusters connected to that card?



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