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We fully understand Ray and all the members of this forum thank you for all your efforts in trying to control the spam I did contact the new owners and request they gave you more control over the site but its clear that no changes have been made . If we cannot control the spam it will just take over the site and people just wont come here any more and in the end you might as well close it and just leave Rov world on face book running .

I fully understand the time and effort it takes to run a site like this not to mention the cost if the current owners don't have the time to police the site they should sub contract out to others or give you more power . Other wise the first page when you sign onto this site is going to be spam .

I will start a new topic with a new header so others can leave comments just in case this spam does get deleted .
This site has been a very valuable resource but it is clear that under the new owners and also due to the current offshore market that many people are no longer posting here ,, some because they have left the industry, others out of apathy ,

The owners should contrct out to new moderators to run this site ,, unless of course they have a different agenda?????
Yes Liddeljohn I agree.

It s says to see a site that has been so normative taken over by crap nonsense.
After Ray contacted me I've popped in to have a poke around and tinker a little. It's not our forum any more, but clearly a little outside additional intervention is required. As I still have admin rights then I see no harm in tidying the house up a little. Smile

  • Deleted and few spam posts and banned those users.
  • Added a few more banned words to make any posts using the word p r o p e r t i e s (spaced deliberately to auto-convert to: [buildings] Which kind of screws up any url that uses such a word.
  • Deleted the Financial Markets (Trading) board because clearly it was not being used. Last post was 2012 I think.

Ray now has further control over the forum so that he may delete spam across the whole board.

I have to say that years back we asked a few times for a little help to run rovworld but very little response was received. It pained me to see that we had such a successful discussion group but the group as a whole felt quite happy to leave the addition of material and moderation of the forum to pretty much 3 or 4 dedicated people. Still, good to see some of longer term members still around posting Smile Thumb Up

I'll try and pop in a little more often, but Ray and I do stay in touch, so if there are any issues we should be able to sort them one way or another.
James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up
Hi James long time not seen you around , Yes I think a few of us contacted Ray regarding the spam issues but Ray could do very little since he did not have full admin control , Yes I fully understand that your no longer the owner of the site this is why I contacted Amanda who I understand is the Rovworld Coordinator letting her know plus requesting Ray be given full Amin control but heard nothing more .

So very happy to hear that Ray has now full access , If you require help with the site James there are I am sure a few Senior rov guys including my self to help out , The odd one or two spam messages I think we can live with that but there was over 12 and due to the difference in time zones it would just sit there for a day or so . Its just sad to see a successful discussion group turn into a mess .I fully understand there is face book and a few sites available but nothing comes close to the content of this site with its very wide range of information .

Many thanks again James to you and Ray lets hope this current recession ends soon but I think its going to be with us next year and maybe 2018 so maybe a good time to retire .
Raptor wrote: maybe a good time to retire .

Yes Raptor, sadly my thoughts as well.

My Survival runs out in 2018. If it is still like this, then I am history. Enjoyed the time. Sad
I understand your frustrations with the spam on the site recently, and I appreciate your comments on this thread.

We have tried our best to remove the spam as we see it, but of course like Raptor said the time difference leave them up for longer than desired.

When we originally took over ownership of ROV World we wanted to keep the integrity and community of the site as it was and work on improving the usability for newcomers to the website. What James and Gina built was a great community of ROV pilots and industry professional like yourselves to come discuss current news, and we never want to change that. Rather, we would love to continue the community's growth and engagement.

We have discussed many different ways to secure the forum to continue being a community discussion, while enhancing the overall website to be a modern design that will provide easier access to discussions and recent news. As you may know, the website hosting and forum providers were originally put in place many years ago, and upgrading these platforms has proven difficult. We did receive training from James prior to taking over the site, but we are still learning many things about its nuances. I appreciate you chiming in and helping out James on this thread, as well as all of your help during the transition time.

I did receive your email Raptor, and I apologize in the long delay to get back to you. Your message started a larger discussion for us to determine how to increase certain users' admin access and brought up the discussion again of upgrading the platform.

Again, my sincere apologies for the way that the website has been spammed lately. We do sincerely hope the discussions will continue on ROV World, despite the downturn in the industry as of late. If you have any specific areas where you think ROVWorld could be improved or would like to discuss ways that we can work together to better the forum, please PM me, we are happy to chat about any ideas to bring together the ROV industry.

I dont think that i have the correct temprement, ha ha ..... to ne a full moderator ,,but i am willing to help out the site in any way ,,,
I think we should re-name this site " Spam World "

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