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Hello all,

I would appreciate if someone could tell their opinion of my chances to get in ROV. I have been marine officer 10 years offshore as an marine officer an dp operator. 5 years worked onboard ROV support vessels, in various projects. I have vocational maritime institute background, 3 years, and unlimited dp training.

Yes i do understand that this does not make me rov trainee yet, but theres a lot of different opinions about the training courses. I have consulted our Rov Supervisor about my plans. I understand that guy with electronics or hydraulics education is always going to be ahead of me, but what i am thinking is, is there ANY chance for me after taking 7 weeks ROV course in FOrt William, to be attractive candidate as an trainee ?

I hold 5002 hrs on dp rov operations at the moment so offshore, vessels, and operations and different tools used in rov´s are familiar to me. I hold MIST, Offshore Survival and Medical.

I will not pay +10.000 pounds for the course if it is defenetly a no go after it.

I do know the industry situation at the moment, we have exactly the same situation here on vessels and marine side.

So basicly, what you guys think, marine officer offshore 10 years with 5000hrs rov support operation & 7 weeks ROv premium course including fibre optics & high voltage training, offering myself for free trainee for the first trip onboard.

DO i have a point here ??

Thanks for all in advance, and well organized forum you guys have.

I have found a lot of good information here. i just dont see any guys with my background here? FOrum comments and questions seems to be orientated to people who are joining first time offshore industry as a mechanic background, or people without any background at all, either mechanics or offshore related things.
In the current market even with your experience you have little chance of work .there are hundreds of long service guys out of work and loads of trainees sitting at home rueing the day they were deceived into spending big money on trying to get into the industry
Don't do the 7 week course its a waste of money no better than a 2-3 week course.

Use that extra money the difference on City & Guilds certs as a MIN.

If you want to get into ROV get Vocational Skills and City and Guilds level 3 as minimum academic level. if you have already a good education back ground go for a HNC.

There is lots of options to get the right skills and with a proven marine background easy to then get in ROV when the industry picks up and as this will be some time it allows you to study and work towards that you will know when its time to start applying through you normal day job.

Get Hydraulic Electrical and Electronic and Fibre Skills its very easy to attend academic Certs these days study distance learning / online and some times attend courses to complete then take exams etc.

The ROV course is only a piece of paper which allows companies to employee you as a Trainee that's one side of it,

The other is it starts you off on competency scheme but you can do this without doing a course so not every one is doing the course the course could be classed as just a basic safety training week dragged out to around 15 days while many will debate this but some company's use it for those exact ways

I would say a CV with a 3 week course is more suitable than a 7 week course as I would assume that 7 week course CV don't have the right skills and trying to blag there way in. As for sure what you learn in 4 weeks for there extra course is only basic skills and can not be shown in the real world for the cost a total waste of money.

And ask your self this Question why Fort William has reduced there course costs why? it now 11K for 7 week and 3 week is 5K no one is booking enough courses they kept putting up the prices when courses were being filled but industry is down so trainees not sure of such big outlays.

You can do the course for 3K and end up with same piece of paper else were.

Allowing you to invest 8,000GBP in Certs which would be far more use full than an extra 4 weeks FW course cert.

Doing a 7 week ROV course is not a short cut for not having the Right Certs or experienced back ground it will put you in a false sense of security seeking a job you might get lucky and you might not.
7 weeks course is best for me because those 4 additional course weeks in including fibre optics, high voltage etc.

so with the course and marine rov suport background i have a chance in the markets

Sorry Fiinnfler its clear that you do not understand .

Due to the current recession in the oil + gas industry there is very few requirements for Rov personnel .

So you could spend a full £20.000 GBP on doing a work class course at fort William but you still wont get a job . Even if you offered your services for free you still wont get a job ! Others have already tried .

First of all is the Rov course mandatory " NO its NOT " if you have Experience in electronics or hydraulics then should there be a requirement this will help you get a Trainee job most company's we put you through one of there own in house training programs .
However due to the current recession your not find any requirement as most company's are laying people off . So like the others have already told you " YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME "

There are many members of this forum who have over 15 years experience and they cannot find work so a trainee has no chance . But its your money if you want to spend a large amount of money on a worthless cert then go ahead we did warn you .

Certs that are mandatory are your OGUK Medical and your FOET / HUET & EBS , CA-EBS and MIST its all down to what the end client requires .

Forget Rov work until the price of Oil goes back up again and like deepseacon suggest do some other City & Guilds course on electronics or hydraulics .

This topic has been debated a thousand times before just take your time and look under ROV Rookie Corner .
So good luck .
okay so i take the course and then wait for oil price to climb. okay. and then i get a job. great thanks. Laughing
Enjoy the wait......

Better off keeping your money as it will be a slow recovery from this dip
norfolknchance2 wrote:
Enjoy the wait......

Better off keeping your money as it will be a slow recovery from this dip

This is no dip this is a full on bona fide slump. Oil fracking has changed the game completely.

Most new offshore projects require $80 plus a bbl to be worth it most likely $100/bbl

The minute the price goes to $40-$60 out come the frackers, easy cheap and quick to start up. Hello glut and no need to explore offshore.

Yeah sure theres going to be inspection work and decommisioning is going to start kicking off in the next few years, but ultimately the lay of the land is going to be alot more personnel chasing a lot less work. And the law of supply and demand tells us we are going to have to get much more acquainted with the arts of backstabbery, reduced day rate and giving the crewing cretins a good old tongue bath if we want to stay in work.

Personnally if I was you I would stick to the bridge or get out of offshore completely as a way to make a decent living and do something else. Theres a 3 year shake out of the industry to come and unless Vlad Putin decideds to bomb the oil fields of S Arabia in the next few weeks, the offshore career is not going to be stable, lucrative or pleasant in the immediate future, except for a few lucky and/or connected individuals.

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