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I was always under the impression that your competence assessment was a one off thing but that is not the case . Since it was a Gray area I contacted IMCA and they confirmed that " ALL " Rov Personnel need to be re-assessed for competence every 3 to 5 years .

This assessment can be done with your current or past employer as long as there a IMCA member or you can get one of the schools to do it for you at the cost of £300 . So once again we have yet again even more expense . Should any of you want to contact IMCA please PM me and I will forward there email address .
What a load of shite.

Qualifications gained are not lost.

IMCA are a friggin Rotary Club (apologies to Rotary) for offshore contractors.

Until there is a statutary body i.e. DNV/ABS/Lloyds or City & Guilds etc for ROV granting recognised international qualifiications I believe they're full of shit.

Sounds like a desperate money grab to me and they'll not be getting mine.

Getting a kick-back Raptor?
My thoughts exactly , Its going to cost every free lance Rov person £300 every 3 years if he gets his competence assessment done via a school . Most rov operating company's are IMCA members so its best to have it done via them " Its Free "

I fully understand your feelings sitrep69 and this is going to affect thousands of guys out there but in the end its what the client will and wont accept , Look back on the HV cert 10 years ago very few clients requested one now days it seems to be a normal requirement . I knew nothing about this until I happen to come across this article After seeing this I contacted IMCA and they confirmed it .

For starters how can schools even carry out competence assessments when they dont even know the person there assessing .All there going to have in front of them if there lucky will just be the guys log book .In the past I have found information in log books very inaccurate . Its funny you can you can pass your car driving licence and your good to go until your 70 years of age with no checks but if your a Rov personnel you need to be checked every 3 - 5 years .

Like you say its one hell of a rip off , I have lost track of how many certs we need now . What Next I Wonder ?
Well time for some one to sell a Rubber stamped scheme for less for 5 years then.

Who would go to MTCS if some one else did it for less for 5 years.
Is this a new thing? IMCA and the schools have always recommended re-validation every three years - it just depends if you want to do it or not.

My latest cert 'expired' in late 2011, i didn't renew it, and i haven't been out of work at the same grade since then.
Hi norfolknchance2 its not so much of a cert its a competence assessment which as far I knew was a one off thing and not some thing that had a expiry date however now there saying that to keep your grade you must be re-assessed every 3 - 5 years

If you do it via a school its going to cost £300 or free via a operator thats a IMCA member .
It s a con we are stuck with. Without A formal body to represent RoV we will always be in this limbo. No one preventing sharks from cutting rates when the oil price drops. When it goes back to 150 US a barrel will they treble the rates, will they buggery.

Pointless moanng now in a buyers market. Hopefully this will be a lesson well leant go when the prices recover.

On the answer to the actual question. Instead of doing the ROV audit course, do an IRCA lead audit course. You get a recognised qualification and access to a real accredited body, it does not run out and it costs a third of the money.

These non accredited courses are a rip off and r HCM to need to requiring every 3 years! Big con!!

So look for better alternatives.
Raptor, the certificate is issued after you have been re-assessed.

Your link refers to what MTCS says is gospel - there is no industry legislation to say that you MUST be re-assed every three years. Maybe you should ask the school what changes there have been in the industry since your competence was initially assessed. It would be interesting to hear their reply.

There is NO IMCA ROV certificate - this has been mentioned on this site numerous times.

Would you pay to re-do your school exams every three years?- it is nonsense.

Do you think that you will never work again at your current grade if you don't get re-assessed?

As i said in my previous post, my certificate ran out years ago - i only got it in the first place 'just in case'. I have had no problems with work without a 'current' version.

Maybe i'm just lucky........ Cool
Well I think it all down to in the end what the client will and wont accept if you look back 10 years ago very few people knew any thing about the HV cert . But now days having a HV cert is a standard requirement .

As we all know IMCA just set the guide lines as none of this is a mandatory requirement . However many of the clients are implementing these new requirements . To put it all in a nut your about to go out on a project and your told
" Sorry Your Competence assessment cert is out of date and we cant use you "

I know and I fully agree its a pile of crap if people were to be assessed it should only be done in house for a current or past IMCA member since they know you and not a school . I did check with other schools like Fort William and they are not doing it .

It seems the only people doing it are MTCS I think the way the industry is at the moment MTCS are looking to make any extra revenue they all this seems to be supported by IMCA , If you PM me I will forward the emails I got from them .

Many experienced guys have been sitting on the beach for over a year and the last thing they want to hear is they require more certs to work at a cost of £300 . Every year someone seems to come out with a new requirement

I think all we can do is wait and see or go to a past employer who is a IMCA member and get them to write you out a Competence assessment letter then your good to go for 5 years as per emails from IMCA .

But like I keep saying its all down to what the client will and wont accept .

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