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Whilst on the search for work I've been asked a couple of times now if I have experience with Hammerhead software for UHD's, I've only ever used the original software with the UHD's I've worked on for the last couple of years. I've emailed Schilling to ask if they can send me anything to help but got no reply, wondered if anyone on here has any manuals, guidance notes etc for Hammerhead that they'd be able to send me? At least then when I get asked by agencies I'd have a bit more of a clue?
Ok to help you on your way Hammerhead Software is the main operating system that provides a comprehensive system status for monitoring and diagnostics . If you have used UHD vehicles before you would have used
a Hammerhead operating system , However I think that there looking for people who have used UHD III with the latest Hammerhead operating system .

Delta SubSea picked a project in Venezuela but are having problems finding crew with experience on UHD III so they farmed out the requirement to the agency's who have no idea .

So your looking for a electronic version of UHD III manual that explains the new Hammerhead operating system I dont think there will be that much difference from the old .

I should email Kirsty Macdonald Training and Field Service Administrator | Schilling Robotics

P: 0044 (0)1224 215300

She might be able to point you in the right direction .
Cheers Raptor, much appreciated. Yeah I've worked on UHD II for the last couple of years so not used the hammerhead software as of yet. I'll try the link and see how I get on.

I have a manual for UHD 65 if that any good to you just pm your address .
UHD 65 is a Mark II model but I still think that its going to be much the same as the Mark III .

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