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No longer Available - Sky Hooks or Tartan Paint

Due to the economic downturn in the Oil and Gas industry my sky hooks and tartan paint services are no longer available. Bubbles for spirit levels are in short supply, as are left handed screw drivers and glass hammers. Long stands are available in great quantities at present to all in the oil and gas industry.

The good news is:

Available immediately - A diligent hard working and eager to learn trainee ROV Pilot Technician who is more eager to score his first role making the tea than clocking up the piloting hours.

Able to repair and perform the following duties :-

Broken office chairs as used in ROV shack, renew sticky computer keyboards, repair duff PC mouse, say yes to making the tea, refurbish dusty computers and connected devices, sweep the floor, replace loose and damaged floor matting, find/build a bridge rectifier when in short supply, catalogue different sized O rings, paint the ageing ROV shack, reorganise valuable electronic or paper documentation and files, clear up spilt hydraulic fluid, clear up metal shavings, be able after a week or two of diligent work to tell a colleague where everything is on-board a vessel or rig....the go to person!!!

I can offer your team of pilot technicians a diligent, eager to learn, multi skilled individual (me) with a "very easy to get on with" demeanour who uses his sense of humour frequently, as demonstrated in this posting. With out my services you will suffer with fish pond water tea, mixed O rings, wood shavings all over the shop and numerous other difficulties whilst trying to put your ROV deck chair or ROV parasol up in the force 10 wind!!!

Experience gained in the GNSS precise/dynamic positioning industry, automotive repair and marine/yacht/boat refurbishment and repair industry and 3 years experience off shore in a non oil and gas electronics position.

Your offshore tea maker (me) currently holds a:

### HNC Sub-sea ROV Electronics, Electrical, Fiber Optics and Hydraulics Engineering.

### BSc Hons Physics, Technology Engineering and Environmental Science (Final year, studying part time in my cabin when not making tea.)

### All OPITO offshore certs and medical including Norwegian waters certs.

### H2S cert

### Numerous STCW '95 certs including Personal Survival Techniques and Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting.

### A COMPEX Electrical cert is due to be completed in July.

On a serious note, I hope I have displayed a hidden talent/ability, that is not always visible on a CV, whereby I am able to see beyond the scope of the project/work at hand and perform the menial duties, that are often over looked, which can determine whether a project runs smoothly.

I am available at the drop of a hat. I know there are positions out there, even at these trying times.

Fit and healthy 39 year old British passport holder ready and available with 50 hours of piloting experience gained in the Red Sea and The Underwater Centre.

Contact - or

NB - I am no fool to the ROV scams that are circulating in the industry!!! Scammers need not apply.
A goto person is very handy I have to admit.

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