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Hi guys,

I have just been invited to interview for trainee position with Saipem, anyone got any good advice of what to expect / study for?
In which region they intend to take trainees? I am afraid, it's for local Africans only.
How did you find it? any news about the job yet? I had an interview with them as well but I've still not heard anything back.

The interview was fairly informal once the HR questions were out of the way. we just had a chat about the company, ROVs and the training. Nothing technical.
gl197, did you get my pm?

I also had an interview with Saipem and had no response back yet.
Again a few HR questions and no real technical questions.
They said the start date wouldn't be till the last week in April so i would imagine whey would need to comeback to us by the last week of March.
Fingers crossed.
Sample questions, SAIPEM US,

Where do I remember you from?
a. your my son
b. your my brother
c. you married our sister
d. who's your daddy?

You are good at:
a. firearms recognition
b. lifting heavy things
c. God bothering
d. all of the above

The Internet is a research tool invented for:
a. checking out girls/boys
b. Facebook (what the f*&k is that annoying Google thang?)
c. lisnen to our preacher
d. dang, it wus jest here when I hit that Explorer button

The world is:
a. in awe of the USA
b. subordinate to the USA
c. flat and 6000 years old
d. conspiring against the USA
e. where non-Americans live
f. a-d are true

Twisted Evil



Wink Wink Wink

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