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Yep , The trials and tribulations of being in this industry. Confused
I'm with you on that Smile
I'll Join your union Very Happy
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
Smile Smile
Hi James yes I know how you feel as I think this maybe my last year before I hang up my joy stick .
But after over 40 years in Diving and Rov I think it time ! Sorry to hear that you'll close Rov World when you finishing in the game as for me not sure what I will do ?

As for all these silly rates on offer as we keep on telling the companys Pay Peanuts and your get monkeys problem is they don't want monkeys they want people with 10 - 15. Experience personnel no body who knows their stuff is going to accept it .

Companys will have to accept they must pay better rates because without the crews they have nothing !


Another cute trick is often times the client will pay for a business class flight to get you to the job site. Your agency/employer etc, gets you an economy ticket and keeps the difference. The difference makes up a considerable chunk of your wages - so at the end of the day, they are paying far less for you than they are charging the client - which is about 2- 3 times the rate of what they are paying YOU.
Doesn't seem so very recently to me when the date is 2012. Although I have to admit I would not work for those rates then but now, with the current decline I would.
All this talk about dropping rates..... I along with others, received an email from a company I regularly worked for. They wanted to drop my rate to USD750 because of the fall in OIL prices. One dill agreed.

I thought about it for a millisecond and then sent an email with an increased rate.

All of you dills out there who will work for a lower rate. In a few years when the oil price reaches $150 a barrel again, do you think they are going to pay you USD$2100 a day? NO...

So they called me out to do a thirty day job (on my new rate of USD 1k) and came back to mobilise more equipment half way through. They chopped me and put the dill on that signed for $650 per day. (the other 2 of us were out for 1K as well)

Its simple for me, when they need me next with 1 days notice, it will be 1200 a day.

Rate droppers are not doing themselves any favours, coupled with those scum agencies of late that do not even provide insurance any more, are turning the industry to SH1T.

ROV was the highest paid offshore job 20 years ago and is now peanuts.

Thank you IMCA, Thank you new agencies, Thank you those that have no worth. flyingduck, join the dill line. If you make 100kpounds, put some away for a rainy day or are you to busy enjoying your lambourghini?
The oil price drops so they want to decrease the price. Lets look at the oil companies.

If they think the price is too high, buy their own ROVs. Too much overhead.

Companies that are dropping their bid are dills. If only two companies do it then they have to provide for the whole market. They also like to think the more office employees they have the more important they are. To maintain the office employees they have to trim elsewhere to make the saving. So lets trim off the only other dills who will take it.

The agencies. Once upon a time they worked for us. with the influx of the professionally trained IMCA pilot tech, we have successfully decreased our wages. the last 10 years have been the most difficult for a pay increase. Gone are the days of a 20 to 50 dollar increase every job. The new agencies have nothing to offer you at all. Try a job with an agency at USD 1k / day... mission impossible. I know previously the agency paid the rate offered by the company and added the insurance and their markup. Now the agency cuts into the Tech/supervisor. The only way for the agency to stay afloat is to offer cheaper rates to the company and drop your rate to maintain their income.

AND this is why almost all the old agencies went out of business, because the only thing the newbies have to offer is PRICE and that price is dependent on YOU.

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