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I have an ADCI cert here in California, got a little hard hat diving experience under my belt (mostly inland). I'm looking at possibly doing an ROV course for but interested to know opinions on the job placement and if the ADCI cert is something that would give me an advantage over other job applicants - the market here for diving is rough, at best, but I've still been making it work. This site seems mostly UK but if anyone has some info, I'd greatly appreciate it!
With the current economic climate in oil and gas industry what every certs you hold will not matter due to the amount of projects planned for 2015 .

As far as Rov courses go its not a mandatory requirement , if you wish to spend money on courses then why not do electronics or hydraulics .

Just spend time and go through the archives on this site under the main header of ROV Rookie Corner many questions you may have the answers there .

But now is not a good time not only for Rov personnel but all offshore personnel , There are some work available if you have a 1000 hours plus on Perry , UHD or SMD systems but very other little requirements .

Good Luck
It will help you get a JOB with a small Diving company which has ROV,S If the ROV Manager is a Diver and see's your CV for sure it will help you change to ROV's that type of company is the one you should be looking for if you are more than a Bubble head.

So try to get work with a company which has small Eye ball ROV's and let them know your interest while Diving and work It that way.

If you are Mechanical Hydraulic Electrical Technician etc then easy to change to ROV just contact the Company's down the Gulf area.

I don't know how the course is viewed in the states so can not comment there.

Apply for work with Oceaneering
Thanks for the info guys. Yes, unfortunately is does appear slow offshore. I'm looking into some electronics certificates now per some of the other threads on this site. Just gotta keep moving forward and getting better.

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