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I am designing and building an ROV that will be used for scientific expeditions in July 2012. I have most of the components for the unit. The only thing I am lacking is a tracking/locating system for the ROV while it is in the water. I am assuming that a USBL system would work nicely, but the cost is currently prohibative.

Does anyone have any ideas for a system that might work and would be reasonably affordable? Or perhaps someone has an idea for a homebuilt system.
hi... i just want to ask to u know how to make a tracking for the rov ? plz help i neeed it in my project

realistically it is way outwith any home made way of doing such a thing easily.

The best you could manage would be to use a transmitting transducer on the ROV and receiving transducer on the surface. Send a pulse down the umbilical to the ROV, transmit it through the transmitting transducer through the water and measure the time between transmitting the pulse and receiving it on the surface. By using an average speed of sound in water of approximately 1480 metres a second in water, you can calculate the distance from where you are on the surface and the ROV. By knowing the depth of water the ROV is working you can then calculate the horizontal distance the ROV is away from you.

Good luck with that Very Happy
Something like this is about the most cost effective option you'll get for a small vehicle. There are other lightweight options. Just Google and they'll come up.

Easytrak Alpha & Alpha Portable

More at:

Alternately, you could always rent a USBL system for the duration of your expedition. That'll cut down on capital outlay for sure.
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thx for replaying im really appreciate that.but do u know a way how to transmit a signal underwater by wireless way im making wireless rov control u know how i can do that thx again .
As far as I am aware you cannot use a wireless signal once the ROV is under the water. You would need to use an acoustic signal or have a hard wire control going to it.

One possible way would be to have an antenna with a wire trailing from the ROV so that the antenna remains out of the water floating on the surface that way you could use radio control?
You might try wireless fibre solutions in livingston, scotland.
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my idea is to make something like a moving Flipper with motors that i can control it by my pc through rf transmission .... and that flipper has a ultrasound signal transmitter,so i can sending data from pc and sending it to the transmitter to the rov , and the signal goes underwater with high amplification to the rov ........ what do u think all about that thx for helping , im really grateful .
How can we have an idea of the price of the solution USBL alpha tracking ?Or shall we contact the manufacturer to get the price ?
Suggest you click on the link and ask the supplier/manufacturer, this is only a discussion board not a shop.

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