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I am leaving the Royal Navy, Submarine service, after 22 years and I am looking to starting a new career in the ROV industry. My background is hydraulics, pnuematics, gas, firefighting, a bit of electrics, maintenance supervisor, teaching - both simulator and classroom. What is the best way to go about getting into ROVs and who are the people to contact. Laughing
Check the info in FAQ's ?? (link is under 'Site Navigation' on the left of this screen).
Then have a look at all the questions / answers in all the various forums (link is 'Forums' at the top of this screen, strangely enough).

Everything you need to know is there, and then some.
Reality continues to ruin my life.
Hi Yin,

i have the same backgorund as you, only less time served. You will find there are many out here who have been in the same position and want to know the best way to proceed. each will have his/her own recommendations. In my case, i contacted the bigger companies first and asked to speak to the operations manager or the ROV group manager, i followed this up with both an electronic and hard copy of my CV direct to them then waited a few days and called them back to check if they had received them. I found this attracted attention rather than hope my email got picked out amongst the many sent each day to a contact in the office. Keep trying and keep calling, there is plenty of work if you are prepared to stick at it.

Good luck
Thanks guys,

A good help so far, i will look to do what you suggested Tommo and hopefully with success.
I will certainly look at the FAQ's as well, thanks again.

I'll post again when I find out more. Laughing

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