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Well its going the same way as 1986 when the price hit $9 USD per barrel I don't think it will go that low but it was bad . Its funny getting lots of the main line agency's asking me about personnel requirements for the year plus many are laying off office personnel but this is just the start .

If your in Aberdeen just go round the estate agents and have a look at the amount of houses coming on the market as people can longer pay the mortgage but with rigs and barges being stacked and support vessels being laid up which means thousands out of work .

Rov is a very tiny part of that , So for all the guys out there reading this who wanted to get into the Rov industry I do not think now is a good time .
However if you can make it through this year then 2016 will be a good year because many people would have left the industry and there will be a shortage of crew .

The only good thing that we have now is the internet as in 86 all we did was phone so if you want to invest your money put it into BT .


I reckon down to close to 30 USD a barrel then start to go back up.

Far to many country's with conflicts supplying worlds oil.
Well it does not seem to be slowing so you maybe right , Once we hit March + April every is going to be asking the same thing " Who is hiring " As for the free lance personnel out there your better off if you can go direct . But if you just wait for a call from the agency's if and when the call comes the rates are going to be silly .

Many of the agency's are already laying of staff as they all chase the same work so maybe the cull will do some good .
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