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I have put together the attached guidance for job-seekers looking for a move within the ROV industry.

I hope you find it useful!

If you are looking for any further advice on your CV, Cover Letter, Contact details, competency interview training or anything relating to your application please consider First Impressions Employment Advisory Service!
Very Happy
ROV Trainee.pdf
 Description: Guide for ROV applicants
 Filename: ROV Trainee.pdf
 Filesize: 122.24 KB
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So, you are offering to help people for free?
That's very generous of you Smile

Though spelling professional incorrectly in your details doesn't bode well in checking people CVs!
Yes that's correct, I am using my spare time to assist job seekers with their difficulties to give them confidence in themselves and their applications.

Your also totally correct that mis-spelling professional is totally unprofessional! I will amend the document and thank you for pointing this out!

Cheers! Leanne. Smile
The spelling Police are out Wink

BTW, I think you mean 'misspell' as opposed to the hahy-fuh-ney-tid 'mis-spell' Wink

I don't think you were after any suggestions, however after downloading and reading your document, I though you might wish to 'spell out' some of the acronyms, as I get the impression that this is aimed at newcomers.
They may not generally know what MIST is (unless of course you're from Scotland, in which case you'll be engulfed in it most of the time!).

It read well, and I hope you attract some business.
I was on the kettle!
Also, one of the potential employers you mention in your download - 'Hallin Marine' is now no more.

Hallin Marine closes down Sad
I've obviously been out of the ROV industry for too long, hope the advice is useful for trainees anyways!

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