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Just curious if corporate Rov companies pay different by region.
Ie. do pilot techs get pain in Australia the same as the Gulf for the same company.

IF not does changing your region help increase your pay?
Same as a MacDonald's worker in new York versus Moscow. Pay to match the market.

Sure you can get more in different regions but different taxes different cost of living.
Yes, different pay for different regions.

3rd world regions like Gulf of Mexico, North Sea etc pay a lot less than Australia (unless you work for OI in Australia where you're screwed anywhere, their Superintendents earn less than an average PT for any other company working in Australia). Asia also better than ME or North Sea/GOM on average but it depends on the individual/employer

GOM also tends to be on an hourly rate i.e. wages as opposed to a flat day-rate. McDonalds workers in Australia do indeed earn more than ROV workers in the GOM.

Tax is a total beat-up; even paying 47% tax it's still possible to clear more than the gross wages in GOM and I don't even have to prepare for the end of days, rapture, buy ammo or any of that other senseless expenditure!

Enjoy Wink
So does that mean that if you work for a company that is world wide and go to a different region you get paid better while living in your original region?
ie. a GOM guy living in Louisiana goes to africa is paid africa rate
In my opinion it should mean exactly that... but to qualify that statement:
1. you should pay tax
2. you should work under the same conditions and receive same reward i.e not under-cutting the local market

suffice to say you live in Southern States, work in GOM and want to earn more.

Yes, it is possible to live back home and work elsewhere in the world for more money.

However, all "worldwide" companies have different regions. If you work for your GOM region and they send you elsewhere, you may possibly get a bit more but not the same as if you worked for, say, their Australian regional office.
that answered my question perfectly.
sorry im a newbie and even then seems same job should get same rate.
guess not though
Not true in any industry or profession, why should ROVs be any different.
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