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I want to enquire how safe it is to go offshore in Congo ?
From last 2 years i was working in Middle east,
Although despite of safety issues and work culture you don't have to worry about terrorism or Malaria.

Now someone has offered me a job in Congo and i saw UK travel advice is not very good regarding Congo so want second opinion.
I have worked in the Congo for many years and most of the jobs I have been on out of Pointe Noire have been ok .Its all down to who your working for .There is only one company that I heard bad reports about and that was Sea Rov Offshore .I don't know the full details however the guys on the job found the job to be unsafe and contacted the agency that they were working for and they got them out.

When you arrive at Pointe Noire airport and your waiting for your bag if your working for one of the big boys like SS7 they have a agent with a clip board going round all the people waiting for bags .If however its one of the smaller company's your have to leave the terminal building and there should be a guy waiting for you with your name or the company's name .

Not sure were your coming from but your phone should work however your internet may not , So best get someone mobile number then you can text them .

The only problems I have had with Pointe Noire is the airport on the way out as there metal detectors don't work so it gives them a good excuse to go over every thing and I mean every thing so put all your good money in your socks and just leave in your wallet all the old stuff from previous projects.Other wise when they go through your Wallet they dont start asking you " This is For Me " Plus you cannot take Congo money out of the Congo ,They will use this excuse also to check the contents of your wallet.

But don't take any thing of value with you , Yes even your lap top unless you have to .Oh yes don't forget to take a international power adapter.

So Good luck and enjoy yourself in The Congo , I could go into more details but if your just going offshore I don't see any point as most of it is common sense .

Update : If this project your going to in the Congo is the Super Mohawk its Abyss doing drill support, Don't worry they will be waiting for you just as you come out of the terminal building at the airport.

Thank you for valuable input.

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