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Hi guys,
I'm enquiring about the safety in a few African countries.
I've avoided working in Africa due to safety issues, I've worked with far too many guys who've recounted horror stories of Nigeria and Angola.
But I have been offered a 9 month installations based contract to cover some other countries, namely the Ivory Coast, Liberia and Mozambique. The day rate is not a massive sum and equates to about a PT1 North sea rate.
Can any of you shed light on the countries with regards to personal safety, travel etc?
If they are anything like Nigeria i'll definitely be turning the job down...

maybe just er.... give Liberia a bit of a miss for a wee bit yet eh?
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It's busy, good rates are available. Why pump yourself full of anti malaria drugs or risk not taking them for months on end for a short job? Even worse for regulars. Why risk any hassle or danger by corrupt Africans. And why take such poor rates that that company pays?

Obviously some places in Africa pose little threat but you still require pills etc

Check the foreign office travel advisory service before agreeing anything!

Stay safe

Mozambique is no problem, I have taken overland trips to diving sites. Malaria is an issue. I cannot talk about the other countries.
And what do you think the NS PT1 rate is exactly then?

Most contracts in West Africa and any zones like that normally pay a premium for a number of reasons.

But you might as well go now before the Chinese change Africa.
HI Gents,
Thank you for your taking the time to reply. I will pass on this job I think.

...and the PT 1 NS rate is based on an average of what I have been getting.

Cheers guys.
Mozambique is beautiful and the East coast of Africa is totally different from the West coast. Somalia excepted of course! If you have the time and of course the inclination from Moz you can do and see so much. Krugar national park is about 4hrs drive from Maputo and if you travel through Swaziland to get there you'll blown away by it's beauty. Africa is an amazing continent and to not go and explore it while getting paid to do it is a real mistake trust me.
Yes I've worked in all the countries on the West and never really had an issue. Had Malaria and lived but also buried freinds that didn't! Maybe I was lucky, maybe I was smart who knows. IMHO we are so lucky to be globe trotting individuals in such demand maybe we should take the time to learn about the world to expand our knowledge instead of seeing the planet through it's airports.
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I off signed in Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire last December and had no hassle. Smooth transit through Sea and Air Ports. Had a night out whilst in town and again nothing negative to report. Usual personal security precautions but all ok compared to some experiences in other parts of west Africa.
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One company in Africa you want to give a wide berth to is Searov-Offshore many guys requested off after finding the job being run in a unsafe way.
Plus I understand they are also late payers so best go via a agency .

Is it the same SEAROV run by a French guy???

if so avoid ,,,, they are not a reliable company at all ,,, even some agencies wont deal with them due to poor backup ,zero spares inventory and payment problems ,, they have a history of booking only 1 guy to run the ROV and then telling him to use local help ,riggers, deck hands ,
Yes liddelljohn they have a very worn out Panther plus and a few other inspection vehicles . URL is http;// Working in The Congo area . Plus do not work direct go via a " Good Agency " .


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