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Be warned
Alam subsea are operating in Turkey on the Milas Barge. The Barge is terrible.
Health and safety is Dire. The cabins are not fit for humans, the toilets are the worst I have ever seen . The Ships crew refuse to clean the cabins or change the bedding.
I complained about the situation and refused to stay onboard untill they cleaned up their act. Alam ran me off because I complained , they dumped me there in Turkey and refused to pay for flghts home and refused to pay any wages for the time I was away.
Alam Subsea ops manager Knows about the state of the barge but couldnt give a damn, he insisted on my shift getting back on the barge or he would run us off.
You have been warned Alam are a Mickey mouse operation and contary to their health and safety policy your health and safety is not a priority !!
I am now having to fight my agency (AGR) to get any money. Initially AGR would not help me get home it was only when I got upset with them that they booked me a flight home. AGR tell me my contract is not with them so they dont have to pay me !!! So once again Be warned If something goes wrong and you are working with AGR you will not get paid !!! With expenses they owe me about 5000 pounds Sterling

Did you not Google or try to find out about the barge before accepting the contract?

Your contract is with AGR, their contract is with Alam. WTF has happened to comfort and security agencies are supposed to provide contractors with? Seems all they are interested in is money they make from you and nothing else. It wouldn't surprise me if AGR obtain all monies owed from Alam and tell you they have not been paid, hoping you will let matters pass. In fact, they should pay you then sort out the mess between them and Alam, this is why we use an agency. They should have insurance and a legal team to cover this kind of thing but in no way should you suffer or be out of pocket.

This is the third time I have heard of non payments to contractors by AGR. They are on my list to avoid. You should put them on the 'name and shame' thread.

Twisted Evil
Hi K2. I did try and find info on the barge but did not have much luck.
Yes its a bit suspect as the main client Sigur ros said that they had paid for me, however alam and AGR said the client had not paid for me.?

Alarm bells ring if you can't find a vessel on the Net. I avoid some barges as they are not self propelled and therefore do not count for seafarers tax either.

You could research the regulations of conduct of employment agencies so you understand your legal position.

AGR should pay you then sort out any issues with their client themselves. Call them and speak to a senior member of staff, a director or someone above the crewing office as it seems the crewing staff have no idea about their legal responsibility to you. If this gets you nowhere then you need to take legal action.

Get all your correspondence from the whole job, make notes on phone calls where no paperwork exists, have photographic evidence of conditions, references to HSE compliance on the ship etc etc then go see a solicitor. Most solicitors give you an hour free to assess your needs, visit a few then take it from there.

Update guys on this forum so they are aware of how AGR treat contractors.

Good luck

Well this is normal when when you work Sigur ros and Alam , I have attached a picture of the toilet we use on the Barge over in Turkmenistan .

For starters there was no toilet roll so they used [Banned Word] roll the problem was this would clog the toilet up so you put all the used paper into the bin and yes not even a toilet seat .

This was used by 20 guys .Did we report it " Yes " was any thing done " No "

As K2 points out , Your contract is with AGR and not with Alam however AGR will not pay out unless they get there money out of Alam .

In the end this is the whole point of working via a Agency they take the risk and not you , You get protection other wise whats the point of working via a agency .

Wow , that is another foul example of what we are expected to endure , and another example of how little the ops manager at Alam cares about his crew.
He is a liar , he told me he is not aware of the situation but then changes his story and tells me he has been on the barge but never went to the toilet !
AGR have seen the pics but are still trying to send guys there ?
Thanks for the links all options will be explored .
Its the ops managers job to get people on site if he cant find any body then he farms out the requirement to the agency's .

They will tell you any thing to get you out there , But I am sure sooner or later this topic will be brought to the attention of AGR + Alam and there will be flak so be warned .

I think the best example of a Ops manger who tells 95 % lies is with Dulam maybe they should have a competition " On who tells the Best Lies "

Well that's what you get for working for ALAM Subsea and that outfit called Sigur ROSS.

now read the line under the photo that tells you enough

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