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That rate that Indepth ''claim ''is fixes is B/S the client is NPCC and they will pay $800 , yes i know its not wonderful ,, the main problem is that a ''Middle eastern '' haggle mentality of the souk has taken hold with certain agencies and the client companies , several times recently i have held out for the correct rate and also pointed out the rate that other people working at the same company are earning and also what is published online that has strengthened the negotiating position .

I went to the Big offshore show at the excel in london back in May and was amazed at some of the agencies representatives at some of the stalls ,, they came accross more like '' dodgy estate agents'' or '' double glazing salesmen '' than informed concerned professionals . the ignorance and also blatent B/S was infantile .
Topic Movie to Poor Agency Rates! (Name & Shame Section!)

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Raptor wrote:
Ok I have no idea were this agency gets these silly rates from , First of all the agency is Larson Group .

There requirements are in Brazil . First of all getting visa for down there is very hard .

Work class ROV experience (Fugro/Oceaneering/DOF Subsea/Subsea 7)
• Upwards of 1000 hours flying
• Good English
• Day rate for Senior Pilot Technician - £450/day
• Pipeline Installation or construction experience NOT Drill Support.

I think his going to have a very hard time plus Larson is a UK based agency does this mean bye bye to 40% of your day rate .


I see no reason not to name and shame those agencies trying to offer totally unreasonable rates. Yes! there will be some flak no doubt, but if a company is named and true/offerred rate quoted then I see no issue with it.

As mentioned earlier, Company names and details yes, no naming of individual persons and all will be OK.

A new thread has been started for this very purpose as it will have little impact tacked onto this topic.
Please go to: Poor Agency Rates! (Name & Shame Section!)
I got an email yesterday from oceaneering. Seems theyre offering me the 'opportunity' to give them 14 grand for some rov training in singapore. Charging people thousands for 'maybe' getting a job is just arrogant imo.

Even if i was unemployed id never go along with a scam like this.
That's Oceaneering for you...suprised?!
I was on the kettle!
Well it goes well with all the fake jobs on offer from the agency's ,If you want a good laugh then go to this web site then click on Rov 90 % of what is on offer is window dressing .

But the other agency's are not that much better .But when the season starts next year the whole thing is going to back fire on them . Because people wont know if the job is real or fake .
Not to be cynical but, If you have a class of paying students mixed with Hired Students, are the paying students "Paying" for the Hired Students? IE..operating the class at zero cost to the Company?

Added value I guess is the "Offer of Employment" at the end of the course.
Many of the ROV companies have started selling their training courses - why not take the opportunity to make some money as well as have people pay for their own training and just choosing the top of the class to work for you.

They are doing the same as every other Training School in the world except with the addition that they can train you with what they need you to know and get to choose the best people to work for them.

The people still leave with a shiny piece of paper worth the same - possibly more - than any Training school.
Good retort there Ray Very Happy
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !

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