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I fully understand its peak season and very busy however I see no reason why agency's seem to be getting away with more and more Multiple Vacancies? on single Topics .

In the Guidelines for agency's it clearly states :-

Multiple Vacancies?
Please compile them into one post where possible.
It is not good forum etiquette to blast the forum with multiple posts from one member

Should agency's wish to flood the media there are many ways of doing it on social media. Plus will they please stop trying to palm us off with these silly rates on offer $600 for a experienced supervisor .

Comments from other forum members is welcome .

Agencies have already been asked to limit to no more than 2 posts a day which they are generally doing.

I do try and delete any over their 2 a day and have a word.

The problem is the sheer number of agencies.

If there weren't any agency postings this would be quite a quiet site these days.
Hi Ray

I fully understand its impossible to police its just that there original Topics are not locked and all they need to do is add to there original Topics .

Its just in the past someone may require help on a Tec problem and his mail finds its self pushed off the first 6 slots were most people look But your right agency's seem to be coming out of the wood work its funny back in 1986 when the price of oil went down to $9.00 a Barrel there was maybe 5 agency's dealing with Rov Personnel .Now its $115 a Barrel and there must be hundreds of agency's all trying to make a fast buck .

Yes its nice seeing all the available work but they just have to remember that other people also use this site .


I wonder if each agency could be given a topic each and they just add their posts to that?

James would that work?
rayshields wrote:
I wonder if each agency could be given a topic each and they just add their posts to that?

James would that work?

It's an idea Ray but who's going to police it? We can't give agency admin rights to lock/unlock posts. Then there would also be a case of adding agencies by name and monitoring that.
The system currently in place came about through years of trial and error. I agree, agencies shouldn't blast the forum... we had Bryant doing that.. words were had and they have complied willingly.

We could simply merge agency posts as they appear. Assuming they fall under the same section.

Make it too hard for the agencies and they will stop adding posts IMHO.

Like Ray said. The Forum is quiet these days. Years back, as mentioned above, before Facebook/Twitter/Linked-In and other social media sites came into existence, there were not so many ROV agencies around. There were far more other posts going up from members so the job posts were diluted in the mix.

I'm not going to be making any changes from an admin perspective.
James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up
Hi James

You don't have to change any thing your end its a case of educating the agency's , I fully understand you and Ray have a full time job and its all most impossible to in-force ,At the end of the day its down to what you will accept and wont , You can only ask them a few times if they still keep putting Multiple Vacancies into single Topics that only leaves you one way and that's to delete the mail .

But I don't understand most of the agency's have a page on face book and many of the other social media sites . Your right some of the traffic seems to have moved away . So I think it wait and see . But if the topic is not locked there is no reason to start a new Topic .


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