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Well this just arrived today it seems that the SERS Group is starting up a Rov Training division .

Details are :- The 4 week course combines Electrical installation in Hazardous conditions & Special Locations, Engineering Systems (Pneumatics, hydraulics and applied Mechanics) with training in circuit design, test and measurement, fault diagnostics and repair. ROV piloting skills as well as support skills as an ROV Pilot including ROV classifications, structures, sensors and tooling. Offshore safety and hazards with seamanship Navigation, acoustics and rigging. For a more detailed course outline, please email The total cost of ROV Pilot Technician course is $4500 (US). Please note that accommodation is not included in the course cost. For preferred rates that meet all budgets, please indicate your interest on the return application form and we will email you a list.

So its the same old deal you do the course then join the other few thousand trainees searching for employment .
It would be so nice if they said that after the course they could put you straight out on a job for 3 months with a main line Rov contractor .

Well just under 3 weeks to go before this site closes so best make the most of it .



Thanks for the heads up. SERS Group of companies has been alerted of this SCAM only last week via a disgruntled student and potential students.

On further investigation it can be clearly seen that the SERS Group of companies are NOT actually involved in this. SERS Group of companies are involved with training but only at a corporate level.

Please see the DISCLAIMER below from the SERS Group website.

SERS Group is an independent subsea service provider. SERS Group and its employees, agents and representatives, are in no way, shape or form affiliated with any companies or entities registered in South Africa. No inference should ever be drawn that we have any links or reference to any South Africa companies or entities. We are an accredited IMCA member and provide subsea services with high quality.
SERS Group is currently the subject of a hoax domain connection campaign. The hoax domain connection is linking one of our company websites to an alleged business in South Africa to create an illusion to the members of the public that the alleged business is part of SERS Group. The hoax domain connection is in no way acknowledged, approved or authorised by SERS Group. Please visit us at our authentic website: and do not click on suspicious links, e.g. “SERS Group South Africa” or “”.

Please see below an extract of an email sent to the website hosts by the SERS Group of companies.


I am one of the directors of Subsea Engineering & ROV Services Pte Ltd (in short SERS Pte Ltd). SERS Pte Ltd is a member of SERS Group who is a subsea service provider established in early 2011.

The domain under your registrar is legally owned by SERS Pte Ltd and the current registered owner xxx was an ex-employee of ours who worked as free-lance consultant. During his employment, he was assigned to set up and run the company website and all the website-related expenses were paid by SERS. is the property of SERS Pte Ltd and xxx failed to set the site up after one year so SERS decided to purchase another domain Now xxx has left the company and we are taking legal action against him to retrieve all the assets he purchased abusing SERS’s fund, including all the equipment, hardware, computers, vehicle in his South Africa factory and the factory deposit/rental.

Recently to our surprise, the company website is being directed to Ezze Marine, a business owned by xxx without SERS’s authorisation. This is a violation to our ownership and fraudulent activity. SERS Group, its affiliate, its and its affiliates’ employees, directors, agents and representatives are not in any way shape or form affiliated with Ezze Marine or alleged “SERS Group South Africa”. Our lawyers are preparing a legal suit for infringement.

We demand you to take the following actions immediately:

1. Disconnect the link from to Ezze Marine
2. Freeze or transfer the ownership of to SERS Pte Ltd or one of the registered directors.

Further to all of the above IMCA have been notified regarding the SCAM that Ezze Marine are running.

Again for clarification, this course is NOT BEING RUN by SERS GROUP.

If anyone would care to know who xxx is so that you can send him a personal email then feel free to PM.
That's absolutely shameful behaviour, I do hope you get your domain name back. I would have thought there was an international organisation that looks after .com's, here in the UK Nominet does it. I have forcibly removed domains via this route and it doesn't take long.

I wish you a speedy resolution and EZE Marine, youre doing yourselves no favours in the subsea community, absolute disgrace.

Can't get to load so maybe it has already been blocked by the ISP?

Did find this on a search though:

Sers Group Sa
Unit 2, Hunt Road, Kilarney Gardens
7441 Cape Town
Western Cape
Phone: +27 21 5567557

Sales, service and training on comercial diving equipment, ROV and rov tooling. Bespoke designed engineering solution's to your sub sea challanges.

Company description
Subsea Engineering and Rov Services South Africa are based in Cape Town. The manufacturing and training facility is convieniently situated 30min from Cape Towns harbour and airport and 50min from Saldahna
port. We manufacture a range of inhouse designed diving tooling and equipment and are also the local distributors/agents for international brands such as JW Automarine, Amron and Divex. SERS Group SA has a rov training facility with various short and long cources on offer. We also offer a repair service for all diving and remote intervention equipment.

Update: 2014-02-20

Today I received a PM from the above mentioned party in South Africa.

Clearly the two SERS Group trading entities have legal issues. Therefore I, nor ROVworld will remain in the centre of it.

Concerning this thread. I have edited out previous comments added by admin to make it clear that ROVworld has no opinion on this., it's administrative team or representatives will have no further involvement in this issue.

I have been advised that there is legal action involved between the two parties therefore this thread will be locked to prevent further comment.

For legal reasons I should be grateful if no further discussion take place elsewhere on concerning this matter.

James Mc
Site Admin

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