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Greetings fellow ROVworld-Community,

I know this question is somewhat special, but I (or my institute) would like to purchase a ROV. Which ROV-supplier/company would you recommend in Germany, especially concerning services?
The ROV-specifications should be in the range of the Seatronics Predator.

Thanks in advance
Hello Homework
This question is akin to asking someone in the aviation business "What airplane should I buy?" In order to give a useful response one would need to know the intended application, budget for purchasing, required ancillary options, deadline for acquisition, and a myriad of task specific details. The more details you can provide, the better will be the quality of the advice you might expect to receive here.
Hello Homework,

While we are not SeaBotix' representative in Germany (though we are admittedly a rep for them), I would say the vLBV300 is a proven MiniROV system similar to the Predator. Try giving that a search or feel free to have me put you in contact with an appropriate person.

Ultimately, "turtle" is correct though; the specific application is the most important consideration. There are a lot of good products and accessories available today.

Happy to further assist if you have any questions. Danke.
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