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Anybody work for them? any comments to make ?

I work for them. What do you want to know?
I'm using my phone so I'm sure there will be typos here, please excuse them. Unless you are brand new to ROV stay the hell away from OI. They will start you at 17.50 unless you are in shop, in which case you will be around 8/hr. They treat their people like crap and pinch every penny they can from you. I spent my time there on the OI2, was not a rig pig or support guy. My boat was one of their"flagship" intervention vessels and they still treated us like crap. My advice is stay away at all costs. The only people working there are the ones that can't cut it somewhere else out are just plain gluttons for punishment. Ask around, everyone worth a dam is gone. Well except one, John Hodge. He should be the last nail in the coffin. Look to CI, dof, or even delta. But DON'T go down with that sinking ship!
The last comment was from over the pond so here's my tuppence worth from this end.
From a trainee point of view they are good but once you know what you are doing i would advise to stay well away. The guys that are still there are either misfits, brainwashed or can't see past their bi-annual loyalty bonus they would loose moving.
The systems are way behind in technology and crap to work on. The majority of work is drill zzzzzzupport which will bore you to death in no time. If you get on a boat then you may think differently but they are few and far between.
Also, their work predominately is in West Africa.
No pension ( AME, Africa & middle East contract ) and a laughable private medical health care.
Of course, don't take my word for it, it's purely my personnel take on them. There are however far better companies out there to work for that will treat you like a human being and not a number.

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