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Hi guys, I'm mostly after a bit of advice.

I have just left the army after 12 years service as a vehicle mechanical and electrical technician.
I recently attended a oil and gas careers fair in Aberdeen and got speaking to a recruiter from the underwater centre about courses to become a ROV pilot technician.

Now don't get me wrong, I love the idea of working with ROV's and I feel I would suit the role brilliantly, but I just don't know whether paying the £6000 for the course is worth it considering there is no guarantee of work and from what I have been reading on the forums.... no actual recognised qualification, and of course £6000 is a lot of money for me.

What is the state of work at the minute?
Is there work out there?
Is it worth holding out and looking for a company that will provide the training as well as work or go with a training company and hope I get work after?
if so, what companies would you guys recommend?

I know its quite a long one but I really appreciate any advice I can get from the guys and girls already in the trade.

Thanks again

The work market is very buoyant at the minute and looks like staying that way for some time. The companies are crying out for experienced pilots and theres the problem. There a thousands of people wanting to get into the game and very few places, you need to get yourself head and shoulders above the rest.

I was in this exact situation a year ago, I did a course at Fort William and had offers of 6 jobs within a month of finishing the course. I personally would recommend it.

Thanks John, i'll look into the underwater centre training a bit more closely then.

thanks again

Hi GrahamM

For many years we have been having this on going debate is it worth paying out any thing from £2500 - £ 10.500 for a Rov course .

For starters do you need to do a course ! " No you dont " Over the past 15 - 20 years I have got over 6 people into the industry and none of them had done a course .Now your thinking what was the back ground of these guys well Any thing from a Train driver to Estate agent the only requirement that these guys had to have was a OGUK Medical and a Survival Cert . So what was special about these guys " They all could see out side the box "

If you wish to a course then go ahead and do a course however as I and the other Senior members of this forum have said many times " You are wasting your money "

But dont take my word for it check on the archives on this web site under ROV Rookie Corner , Your see hundreds of people have asked the same questions plus on this site your see many people asking the same thing regarding finding employment as a Rov trainee .

Yes you might get lucky just think of it as buying a lottery ticket someone has to win it might be you .But there are thousands of other guys out there looking for the same position as you .

Just do your research and check out Linkedin as there are hundreds of people asking the same question .

Good Luck

You will speak to people who did the course and got work, you will also find people who didn't.

Thete are no formal qualifications to be an rov pilot. There are to be a diver some training schools like to say they train one and hence their rov one is also the required one.

The problem with an rov tra8ning course is it is nothing but an introduction. It is also only useful for rov jobs.

There is a big skills shortage but there are also tens of thpudands trying to get in.

There are many other - better paid - jobs offshore. Getting a recognised qualification in somethibg electrical mechanical or hydraulics would not only be useful for rov jobs but also for many other jobs.

Dont put all your eggs in one basket.
Over 700 people applied for SS7 last intake of trainees, i know as i was one of them. The numbers are huge for the amount of people trying to get the entry level jobs. i would say the greatest advantage would be to live in Aberdeen!!

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