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I have had an enquiry to send my Sea eye Falcon to port Harcourt in Nigeria.
How hard is it to get it back out once it has been there?
I am still getting detials on the job, nothing finalized yet.
Any hints or tips would be much appreciated.
I am an ROV Pilot Tech from Nigeria and I live in Port Harcourt.
I know that some companies hire equipments for some of their jobs here. I have worked with some equipment (though the owners were in the project with us) and was involved in shipping it back to the owners.

I do not know the company, so i am not in position to tell you how safe it is.
Should you need my help to mornitor the equipment, I am available. I have used many Seaeye Falcon for many project and will be willing to work in the project if there is space for me.

My email address is

For more enquiry, please send a private mail to me.

Maxwell Uchenna Agomuo
Katanga my friend !

I'm also based in Nigeria and in a good position to assist you. My mother in laws second sister is married to the chief customs officer in Lagos. He is a wonderful honest and generous man. He has assisted many multi national companies in their endevors.. So helpful is he that many many of the companies have showered him with gifts to show their gratitude .. despite national poverty he drives a big shiny Mercedes car all pimped out with the latest accesories. he owns several houses in upmarket neighborhoods and eats at all the best restaurants.. I have rearely seen him without a group of attrative young women and he has special dispensation to drink champagne and eat sausages even though he is a devout muslim.
I'm certain he would be able to help you.
Please post your packing lisr including your contact and bank details and I will inform my powerful relative of your needs..

Looking forward to assisting you.

Algernon Winston Spencer Churchill Gladstone Disraeli

Algernon Winston Christidis,

My good man. I am a lawyer in Nigeria and also at the same time am a director of a large multinational bank who sadly recently lost their general manager in a plane crash leaving 30 million USD in escrow. Perhaps with the use of this fine gentlemans ROV system, packing list, bank account number, passport details and date of birth we can of great assistance in clearing this item into Nigeria?

There will of course be a small stipend in there for you.
Hey ozrov i will love to help you out her's my bank account details.

Hang on I've got my card here somewere, hang on, um, just a minute, dam I've left in my other jacket sorry mate maybe next time.
If your sending any thing down to Nigeria dont expect to get it back again most companys that have sent systems down in the past have allowed for this when hiring the system out and a falcon is only a cheap system so I should do the same .
All I can say is get the money up front before you do any thing if they say say " No " then walk away .

Someone who you can chat to is this guy Stanford Tassie
Tilone (Nigeria) Limited
12 Azikiwe Road, Old G.R.A
Telephone: +234 84 239166
Fax: +234 84 235364
Mobile: +234 803 3403579
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Thanks everyone.
The job has found an alternative, and I still have my ROV and bank account.
There was an agency in the middle that was going to provide insurance docs prior to shipping.
You guys should stop being scared of Nigeria and at the mention of the name Nigeria, fine we all have to be cautious but Nigeria is not as bad as you all think, Even if it was stolen, not many people know the use and in n out of ROV's, and any one who ventures or is in the rov sector must be doing well for himself.

Great opportunities abound in Nigeria, and i see no reason why any one would want to hire a falcon when lots of companies here have em.

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