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I concur with Rays Board , Spend the money on getting electrically qualified. You are doing yourself no favours just doing the course without any knowlegeble background.
The fact that you were or am a Part 1 diver would mean you had at least the basics in Offshore work ethics.
An ROV Company will look at the CofV's and would most likely take on the one with the most Electrical experience whether you have done a "ROV Course" or not Confused
Good luck on your job hunting Very Happy
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
rayshields wrote:
I would suggest that any resettlement money would be better spent on gaining electrical/electronic or hydraulic qualifications.

Getting an insight or introduction to ROVs will do you no good if you are unable to maintain and repair them, which is what employers are looking for.

I have heard the argument about how Divers can get into ROVs "because they know about working in the water" but in reality ROV personnel are taken on to maintain and repair the equipment - this is the number one priority. All operational stuff with ROVs is learnt AFTER you get the job.

^^^^ this ^^^^^^ The main thing about getting into ROV's is being able to fix/maintain them. What's the point in being able to fly an ROV if you don't have one to fly because its on the deck and you can't sort it? We had an ex diver out with us through an agency and he was not asked back due to his severe lack of technical ability. His diving experience had no relevance to the job we were doing.
I'm not trying to use my diving background to gain entry to the ROV Industry. I was stating that I know how the industry works regarding gaining employment.

I have a very sound technical background from my navy days and I'm currently studying an HND in Electrical & Electronic engineering. Other than fork out more £££ I can't really do much more other than sell myself to companies.
What you're doing is perfect then. I'd say with your technical backround you are 75% of the way there already probably more. If your course is being paid for I would do it as well as that makes you even more employable.
Good luck.
I've already completed the course and am just starting my HND, currently been searching for that 1st breakthrough now so all about being positive and patient haha

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