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How easy/difficult will it be to change agencies when you are offshore? If you are really being shafted by your agency say.
There are usually clauses in agency T&C's that require a finders fee if you were to move to a new employer ie agency within a certain space of time working on the same site. This is done to prevent labour poaching.

If the space of time needed between employers was minimal then I suppose you could go off on your leave and come back working for another mob?

If the employer was breaking its own T&C's then I assume you would be free to do what you wanted due to breach of contract?

Depends what the agency T&C's say I suppose.
Shy bairns get nowt
If you are being shafted financially, then you should try and at least see out your current contract - after all, you agreed to go out on the job for the rate you are being paid.

After that ask for more or go elsewhere.

I don't know the poaching time limit - i have been told various figures over the years.

Ask the agency that you are currently working through and they may get the hint that you are considering jumping ship, so to speak. If you are worth the extra money, maybe they will try harder in the future - if not, then pitch yourself at a higher rate with someone else.

Good luck

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