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Hi all,

So I work on a rig as an Electronic Technician. I have done since I graduated uni last year, I'm 22. I've been given the chance to become a ROV pilot/tech after completing a trainee course with a company that'll I'll keep private.

I get a steady monthly salary just now, but I'm bored of this job. The ROV job is always on my mind, the only thing I'm concerend about is the lack of yearly security.... Or am I just being paranoid? I mean I don't want to switch to ROV, and then I only get 1-2 months work / year. That's the only thing that is stopping me from switching and taking this ROV job....

I'm just posting here to get some feedback from you guys on what you think.. Am I right in assuming that some people don't get work for months on end? What about over saturisation? ... And what about salvage side of things? That's one area where I'd love to go...

Anyway thanks guys.

Mate, your already in the dream world...

ROV work (unless your a favoured son) IS seasonal, assuming you remain in the same region. It is a global industry.

Assuming that you can travel internationally there are are no seasonal limitations. This enables you to go and under-cut the wages of someone somewhere else.Sad

Salvage - I've never worked personally but from encounters with people who have; be independently wealthy and an adventurer i.e. not scared of bombs, bullets, bullshit and various other hazards. In other words quite often a high risk investment of your time and effort.

Please conduct an audit of all your bits and decide which ones you want to keep.

Good luck,

Being offered a Trainee position is already a much better chance than many people have been offered.

Work IS seasonal, but as Sitrep says, the seasons vary around the world. Some employers will keep you busy or at least keep you well paid even if no work, some employers have been known to pay small retainer and then a few months work then nothing for ages.

The fact is if you have been offered a job and can get a few months ROV experience on your CV you already have a foot in the door and could much more easily get a job elsewhere than someone still trying to get a start.

Generally, if its a Uk company you are not very likely to be only doing 1-2 months work a year.
Steady ROV income in is Oil & Gas and Cable/Wind farms. I'd forget any notion of regular 'well paid' work in salvage with ROV.

Actually, compared to other offshore trades these days, being well paid in ROV is not exactly on the cards either but that's a debate for another thread.

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