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It's beginning of busy season. Message for all experienced contractors from the shark feeders : "Send us your day rate and we'll get you work!" If you've been sitting slack for the winter and now hungry, discount by 10 percent so you'll get called real that 15 percent because your buddy that's been skiing the winter is hungry too. Be prepared to live by that figure because once it's been emailed, it's God's Word and don't dream of EVER asking for 'nuther penny on top of the now registered official day rate on file for YOU!

You'll know when you asked for a half kilo too much peanuts when you are told "just waiting for confirmation from client" so you get the seabag ready and piss off current girlfriend because daddy's gotta go make a living and the call doesn't come for four days....hmmm.....methinks the cheaper monkey who got same job offer at same time got his little nut sack filled with what he asked for....hahaha
Hillarious post man!, hahaha

Thanks for the laugh and the tip ^^

I hope your (or should it be 'you are' or you're) not taking the pith!

We are receiving news of upcoming projects looking for ROV personnel. Can you give me an idea of your expected day rate and availability because I'm bored, sat in an office populating this god darn database with all you grotty ROV types wages.

I will then circulate your details to all the agencies who will contact you on a Friday and ask you exactly the same question, only in a different tone and with a really plausible (NOT) job offer, until I get an answer.

I'm hoping that you didn't get off the banana boat and WILL accept £450 pound as a supervisor as so many plums are.

Bored Shark (Not)

P.S I'll do anything for 300 squid a day...
I was on the kettle!
Oh what a joyful day in Freelance World today. I just experienced the ecstasy of responding to "Good News! We finally heard back from the client and they selected you and are offering 6 months work at your day rate minus 20 percent" with "gosh I wish you would have called two days ago...I just accepted 100 bucks a day more for long term snooze drill support with Agency Brand X. But I'll keep you on my list and let you know when I may be having a future window of availability". I hope "your" sharing my my warm fuzzies.

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