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The International Association of Sub-Sea Engineers and Technicians is opening its doors to the first Local union hall (Local 1) based in the United States for ROV Superintendents, Supervisors, Pilots and Technicians, Dive Supervisors, Divers, Tenders and Survey personnel. This is being done to organize operations in the Gulf Of Mexico and hopefully in time around the world to make the Offshore Oil and Gas industry a fair place to work with pay that is fair from all companies. We are currently accepting application from potential members in the United States as well as World Wide. United States members will be based out of either the Local 1 Hall (Based in New Orleans) or Local 2 (Houston, TX), Local 3(Morgan City, LA) which will be opened later this year depending on the initial outcome and memberships. The International members will be based and work out of the Local/International 13 so that the operation can help workers worldwide. We are also looking for companies that would be interested in working with the union to give the workers a new standard pay scale and benefits. We are looking to help both the workers and the companies giving everyone fair treatment, Pay, Benefits as well as Training, certifications which is paid for by the Union for all members. This training will be able to be used world wide once training is completed. This training includes Hydraulics, Electrical, Rigging, Tending, Diving School and more. This will give the companies that bring in the Union members trained and certified members. We will also offer Safegulf, Water Survival for a discounted rate for its members and member companies. Currently we are looking for an American based ROV or Diving company to start things outand hire Local members. This will get things started. The IASET is here to help the workers and the companies. Memberships fees are cheap, Training is priceless. Dont wait to become a member. Join and help change the way the Industry is ran.
Business Manager Local 1
International Association of Sub-Sea Engineers and Technicians
Local 1: New Orleans, LA
Local 2: Houston, TX (Coming Soon)
Local 3: Morgan City, LA (Coming Soon)
Good to see someone getting it together Thumb Up

Good luck with it.
James Mc
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And the difference between this and IROVA is?

You have given no contact information, used a personal Yahoo address to post, and do not exist on any Google search.
It's an attempt to unionize the industry... Unions do nothing but slowly strangle what ever industry they are involved in here in the States.

Submerged Recovery & Inspection Services
FYI: There is zero onion participation or representation now or historically in the US GoM in the entire offshore\onshore oil/gas industry.
A certain onion tried for 10 years to get going there beginning in the 90’s, never made any headway and in fact some folks lost their jobs and others (I am told) encountered violence.
One big reason is that many Southern Americans (Republicans\conservatives\Religious Right\Tea Party types) in the US equate onions with communism and/or socialism. Furthermore, they blame the increased cost of labor as substantiation for the flight of US manufacturing in favor of less costly foreign workers. Somehow the Corp. executives get a pass on their 6 figure (min.) benefits packages. No explanation of why Australia and certain N. European countries with strong onionization and workers protection are mentioned nor the degree of the cost of health care that is a burden no other countries companies bare, in the world. And thats just the common man, if you think BP, Exxon, Chevorn are going to allow onions to creep in I strongly doubt it.
Service industries are not known for bucking the trend to satisfy their staff.

Given the present depressed US/UK economies and the looming debts crisis of the EU this only adds fuel to the fire for those looking for rationalization (fair or not) of their viewpoints. At the present time unemployment in the US is historically very high ( officially 8.5%, realistically 15% ) and the fear of a EU recession spurned on by the EU debt crisis adversely affecting the nascent US recovery is high and valid.

Employees wield little power in the US at this time. Employee security and confidence in the future is presently low.
I can not think of a worst time in recent memory or many more challenging areas of the world for this to get underway, at this time.

Sidebar: I am told that Oceaneering, MC in the late 80’s or early 90’s had sent out a large diving crew, that they had just landed offshore aboard a platform whereby a discussion of the pro/cons of a onion occurred. This was likely reported back to OI via the Co-Man and may have only been one individual publically expressing their views.
However, OI had them all transported to the dock ASAP whereby they were left stranded to find their own way home from Texas, all summarily terminated. Given my experience, I believe it to be true and not myth.
BTW: the Southern US States are “Right to Work” States, meaning no individual is forced to participate in an onion that they do not voluntarily join.
At present, the employer can terminate you at any time for nearly any reason with-out cause, the employee has no recourse to be reinstated and may not qualify for unemployment benefits due to their termination.
Race, religion or gender being the exceptions…...if you can prove it.

Finally, in the USA unless you have a degree in engineering from a nationally accredited School of Engineering you cannot simply call yourself an engineer. Same as passing a CPR course does not give you license to call yourself a Doctor (except in Brazil) I believe that only the US Merchant Marines and those that work aboard vessels fall outside of this norm.
Yes, I am fully aware that many do inflate their qualifications but from a professional trades association I would think an association looking for respect would not, not in the states.

Therefore, it is my opinion that this IASET is not legit on at least one level, if not more.
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Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
This is why America is a free country and has freedom oof speech and the right to make choices on their own count and do not have to join or not join something because someone tells them to. The IASET is being started to help the Industry. In no way will the IASET make or try and make any worker or company join their ranks as everyone has the choice to do what he or she chooses to do. If you want to join then great, if you do not want to join then that is fine as well. The people who understand Unions and know what they are about understands how they will bring good to the Industry. This will include better Pay, Better Benefits, Training etc. Yes the Challenge will be there to place workers to work for such companies as Shell, Chevron and BP but there are many companies in the Gulf and around the world that currently use Union workers and will use Union workers.

People have blasted Unions for over 100 years for every reason that they can think of, But still to this day Unions stand proud for what they believe and they do their work with Pride. Everything that a normal person does today in the working world from a Door Greeter to President of Chevron has in turn a counter part that is a union. This means that there is a Union for every normal job in the world. With that being said if Unions are so bad then how come there are so many of them for instance the Autoworkers of America Union which builds the cars that you drive every day. They only hire Union workers to build your cars, Why is this. Because the union workers take pride in everything they do.

What people dont Understand is that if it wasnt for Unions then people like you would have your 2x15 minute breaks and a 30 minute or 1 hour lunch. You wouldnt have the benefits that your companies offer you for little to no cost to you the employee, you wouldnt have the right to speak and express voice, demands and concerns. Before you blast a Union maybe you should do more homework on what the Unions are about. We stand up for the workers, We fight for more pay, better benefits, better retirement and pensions. Its our goals to make sure that the workers have fair outlooks on the work they do. The workers that want a fair shake in an unfair industry will join or look into the Unions, Those who are happy with what they have right now or that dont think change can or will happen wont join or find out more information. We in no way push for workers or companies to join, We only educate the people on the good that the unions do for the workers.

I understand everyones voice when it comes to a Union getting involved with the Offshore Oil & Gas Industries but what people dont understand is that there are many workers for in the North Sea, African Waters and Brazil that are members of a Union either it be a Ironworkers union offering Welders, Riggers and Ironworkers, Maritime union offering Boat Pilots, Captains and Deckhands, Carpenters union offering Scaffold builders and carpenters and even Food and Catering unions offering Catering staff to platforms, vessels and Rigs. We feel that it is time to start a Union to support the ROV and Diver industries and the Pilots, Technicians, Divers and Tenders that work in these fields that should be paid more and have better benefits for the jobs they do in the Industry.

As for the Contact information, website etc that will all be listed in time once we have everything complete. We are currently working on the Website, Board of Directors etc and will list all the Contact information including Local address, Phone numbers, email's and websites once complete which should be in less than a week or 2. We are only trying to see who is interested in the Union at this time and in no way trying to force individuals to join the Union. You have a Choice, Thats the American way.
None of my cars were built by Autoworkers of America Union members...
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
Must not be an American made care then but nowadays not much is. Point being most of the major companies in the country are all Union based companies. The Offshore Oil and Gas industry needs a Union to get everything in order and back on its feet.
IASET wrote:
Point being most of the major companies in the country are all Union based companies.

Point being wrong... the fact is union membership as a whole is less than 11% in the states according to the bureau of labor. That and the largest single private employer is not unionized are a couple of facts that should be brought up. In reality most major companies that are forced to accept union labor are doing very poorly (Boeing, GM etc...). If unions focused solely on safety issues (sort of like how they were originally intended...) they would have much greater popularity. The problem is they think they should control wages when in reality the free market should.

Submerged Recovery & Inspection Services
Unions were a good thing 130 years ago fighting for workers rights and condition s with leaders of honour and integrity.
however duirng the 1960s they became the vehicle for ambitious lefty types and empire builders to amsss personal glory and political and financial gain , at the expense of thier own members interests.

i have been in 2 Unions during the last 30 years both compulsery and both shafted the members royally whilst the leaders became rich and did dodgy deals with the government and big business .

what i see today off union leaders at party conferences or on TV / media does not inspire me with any confidence that they are men of honour or integrity .

Prove me wrong and I will join a Union.

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