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I'm looking at the requirements for the Australian VISA. I'm not in ROV myself at the present moment - I'm a Geo in Hydrographics survey.

Unfortunately reaching the required points in the system is a pain in the butt. The main problem I have is that because I am not chartered (takes year) my job is valued less than a hairdresser. I also hate the insecurity that I might be kicked out if I lose my job too.

So I was thinking of marrying my Brazilian girlfriend.
Of course though, that is not without risk! It's not at that stage of the relationship but if it helps with work she might just go in for it.

The only thing though,
is the state of the Brazilian oil and gas industry worth it?
oh man... what with that and no replies to my thread regards intensive electro tech courses no replies either...

was it something I said?
Australia is the way forward but while you wait for the Aus Visa get a Brazil working one only take a few weeks go there and work but Australia out ways every thing in Brazil as far as a Forienger is concerned even if you have a Brazil girl.

In Aus you can if you want become an Aussie you will never become Brazilian.

Plus Australia has one of the highest standards of living anywhere plus prospects are endless.

Day rate in Aus offshore is about 1800 AUD For a Technician on Construction projects Day Rate.

the rate is far above Brazil.
Day rate in Aus offshore is about 1800 AUD For a Technician on Construction projects Day Rate.

Oh no it's not!

I'm on a pretty good rate here (for the last two years on construction) as a Snr Pilot and the number you quote is higher than a Stupivisor.

Having said all that, there is no doubt that Australia is superior in many aspects (standard of living/economy wise) to Brazil (although we can't dance as well).

Even though the rates on the pay rates page are slightly old they give a more realistic reflection of true day rates here. ROV's are, however, dropping back relative to other offshore workers. Cleaners/stewards are actually better paid than us currently.

sitrep69 wrote:
... Cleaners/stewards are actually better paid than us currently...

Technical trade v - None tech trade, what's that all about?

The Rate is for a Senior Technician day rate add hoc Temp union rates.

Its not a ROV position all though ROV's are on board but like you said maybe there getting less. and from what i hear many are.

The guy asking questions is a HYD Surveyor so its relevent. the pay in Aus will out way Brazil even if one pays full rate of tax buts thats only good if your getting union rates.
which you can get if you have the right visa and better still become a perm resident of aus.

Firstly, there are no "union rates", all of the Australian based major players must have in place an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement lodged with the govenment (Fair Work Australia).

These agreements cover scales of pay, hours worked, allowances, leave etc. Therefore if you work for one of these companies you are covered by the agreement, union or no.

The only people making life difficult at the moment are the non-Australian based companies e.g Allseas, OI etc who are significantly undermining the status quo.

I have seen the OI agreement (it's publiclly available with Fair Work Australia) and it's risible, a Superintendent earns less than a trainee with the other major players!

The whole thing is that some people don't seem to care if they're undercutting the rest of the industry and ruining everybodies future.

Allseas rate i was offered worldwide but too include Australia Highland Navigator and Clamity Jane was 615 Euro for Aus work. For Senior Pilot Tech.

This was through a UK based agent.

Not sure but they did say they would get some sort of visa.

About what you call it yes it has many different terms i have worked in Aus years ago on construction i was happy on what i called Union Sites but yes there just agreements wage bargaining.

This again is the wage award for the Senior Technician on a vessel allthough not ROV supposed to be the same skill factor.

All Purpose Casual Hourly Rate (Ordinary Hourly Rate) $58.24

Hourly Rate x Equivalent Ordinary Hours per Cycle $23,063.04

Remote Area Allowance @ $99.30 per day $2,085.30

Common Use Ablutions Payment - $60.00 per day (Shared cabin) and/or $30.00 per day (Communal ablutions) $1,890.00

Site Allowance $8.38 per hour $2,111.76

Shift Allow. @ 17.5% x All Hours$1,100.74

Total per 21 day Cycle $30,250.84

Redundancy @ $170 per day worked $3,570.00

Job Termination Payment @15% $4,537.63

Total Income Per 21 Day Cycle $38,358.46

Average Day Rate $1,826.59

Superannuation 11%

The above is for 21 days work.

I did read a while ago about an agreement with Fugro TSM and the rates were not too good really in my opinion.
Even though the prices on the pay prices web page are a little bit old they provide a more genuine expression of real day prices here. ROV's are, however, losing returning comparative to other overseas employees. Cleaners/stewards are actually better compensated than us currently.
Yes, that Senior Technician could be NDT or Carousel or some such. Whatever they are it's most definitely not ROV

Do not delude yourself ROV is a weak link, small companies, little or no unionisation, no recognised trade, casual (extremely in some cases!) employees, nepotism and "possibly" tighter business profit margins. The last being the reason that ROV Business Managers perceive they win contracts, F... the Worker!

But i think the rate is not the only thing to come to Australia. The safety and peace is a major attraction to move to Australia. Dear if you are getting a chance simply come here or try it with a visit visa.

Micheal Rose
Business Analyst
Department: Kas bedding
Melbourne, Victoria

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How bizarre?

Ah well, vive la difference, and all that!
Getting married to a Brazilian in Brazil?
You're screwed!
Check out the law and learn the 1st world will help her enforce the law and required payments for LIFE.
Brazil will not help you gringo.

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