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Hey folks, hope all is well.

I come to you from Oklahoma, USA. I have recently recieved a job offer from team trident for one year training with Caynon Offshore. Initiall 90 days of training is at $250/day and $150/travel days. After 90 days a bump to $275/day. After suffiecent amount of time training, they say I could be hired by Canyon Offshore as a ROV pilot/tech 1. They have said typically I would spend 4-6 weeks offshore and 4 weeks at home. They say the first year is a requirement of 200 days minimum out to sea. This job is obviously on vessels and not rigs.

Now for the concerns...

I currently make $57k USD as an electronics tech for the Federal Aviation Administration. I work 6am-330pm, and have weekends off. I get plenty of leave and the job is really nice. But the technology I work on is archaic and new advances in the industry would render my current position useless. Other concerns are our fabulous government, who has recently signed a pay freeze for federal employees. Gone are the days of making big bucks as a federal employee. Job security is still very good, I could work here for 30 years, no problem.

So I have a decent job as is, my pay is certain, and so is the job security.
I dont want to risk putting myself in a position where I would sacrafice my pay or job stability for something that is not better than what I already have.

I have a daughter that is 5 hours away from where I live and work, and she means everything to me. Being only 5 years old, she doesn't understand why I dont live there, or why we have to drive so much to spend time together. I dont want to have to tell her at some point that daddy can't make it to see her on an important date, such as Xmas, or birthdays...

I also have concerns of the job availability. Team Trident offered to let me speak to one of thier former employees (he is now working for canyon) about the job. When I spoke with the guy, he was fairly reassuring about the pay and details of the job. He spoke about having money stashed away for rainy days, yet mentioned he has never had a problem getting back out, all it took was a phone call.

I have my life set up well now; and success at my current job is in the pipeline. I am attending college full time for mechanical engineering, I have a house, 3 vehicles and generally like where I am with my life. After 8 years in the navy, working as a diesel mechanic and later Forward Looking Infrared/electro-optical electronics technician, I know what it takes to do the ROV job, but I also know what it's like to be away from home for months at a time.

How many of you are working for Canyon?
Will I make at least $55k a year, guaranteed?
Is the work mentally challenging?
Do any of you regret taking the ROV career field?
If you were in my shoes, would you take this job over the current one?

Thanks guys, hope to hear back soon!

Merlot566jka wrote:
Hey folks, hope all is well.
If you were in my shoes, would you take this job over the current one?

Mans success is measured by his happiness, it would seem to me that you are happy with your current position and comfortable, to me that would answer all of your questions.

Good luck on whatever you decide.

What would Team Tridents pay scale be for Pilot Tech 1 Offshore rate?

That might help you decide you would sure earn more than 57K after the 1st year and possible might even get 50K for the first year to start with.

You would see a finanicial benifit for the next 30 Years. Ie double your current salary or even more.
275/day after 90 days, after that its up to Canyon. So I am not sure how much for Tech1

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