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Hey guys and gals.

I've wanted to be a ROV pilot for most of my working life. Does anyone know of any ROV company that is taking folk on?
I will work in any country also.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

You and thousands of others.

What qualifications and experience do you have that will make you stand out from everyone else who has years of technical experience plus the qualifications to go with it?

Wanting to is just not enough.
You need to let us know your technical background/experience/location before anyone can hope to give you some advice.

If, for example you are a Carpenter based in Jakarta that knowledge would elicit a totally different response than (say) if you were a time served electronics technician based in Aberdeen or Houston.
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Afternoon all,

I am also still looking for that all important oppurtunity to become a Trainee ROV pilot tech.javascript:emoticon('Smile')
I'm 26 live in the Northwest U.K and have a 10 year Hydraulic, Mechanical and Electrical background working at a high level within the Automotive industry.
I was thinking of investing in one of these courses that are run but almost every professional i have spoken to already in the industry has said stay well clear they are useless, and that i have more than enough basic knowledge with my current background???
I am starting to get some positive response now, but still awaiting that all important interview oppurtunity.

My question to yourselves is: Do you know of any companies that might be taking on, now or in the near future and do you have any tips for a very keen rookie trying to get a start in this industry?

Thanks in Advance!!! (
Thanks for the replies guys, sorry about that guess I should have given more info.
I've worked offshore in South Africa, starting off as a regular Maint. Hand in 1998, I did that for about a year and then moved up to being a Roustabout. I did that for a couple of years until a spot opened up on the Drill floor where I was a roughneck. I did that for a year when I got a job with Frank's int. as a Casing hand and CAM tech. (CAM = computer analysed make up) I basically read the graphs that the power tongs produced when making up casing and so on. The expierience I got from there was Hydraulic, Mechanical and limited Electrical expierience. While working for Frank's int. I worked the whole of West Africa (Mainly Angola and Nigeria.), and also the Mexican Gulf off the Lousianna coast.
I worked for them for 5.5 years until I left and moved to Aberdeen, Scotland in mid 2006. I then went to work for BJ Completions and Assy Services. (Just as a service tech making up float shoes and collars and so on.)
I then went to work for Baker Hughes in Dyce as a Electro Mechanical Tech. working on wireline tools, building, repairing and maintaining an array of differant tools like Earth Imagers and Density tools as weel as a whole bunch of other tools that perform differant tasks. I've got an equivilent AC and DC HNC cert.
Hope this helps and aplogies for the life story.

Like I said I've wanted this for 14 years and would be happy to work anywhere. Any advice would be great, especially companies that are hiring.

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