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Just wondering what the protocol is for the video feed from ROV to surface.
I see that most cameras output a composite PAL or NTSC at nom. 1V p-p, but is that sent straight up, perhaps balanced first, or is it digitized at the ROV.
At surface, if still analogue, is it generally fed to a video capture card or converted to USB for example?

cheers Rob
Standard cameras output composite video, either NTSC or PAL, then depending upon what type of ROV you've got either go straight up a coax in the umbilical, which is not so much used these days, get converted to a balanced signal and sent up a twisted pair in the umbilical, used on small ROVs, or more often than not these days are converted with lots of other signals (digitised) and sent up a fibre in the umbilical, they then pop out at the surface from another converter as composite video. The main company that does the digitisers is Focal Technologies, part of Moog in Canada.

HD is becoming more prevalent but standard fair in ROVs these days is still composite video.

Thanks Martin, the Focal range are exactly what I'm after for HD video and multi Data channels. Probably keep the nav camera and thruster control on copper for greater reliability.


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