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It appears , Another So called company specialising in ROV's has materialised with Imca standards .............................. In the FarEast Confused
They have a number for the UK but it is a redirected 0845 number......................... Makes ya think Rolling Eyes
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
. The route to the top is usually as follows. ROV Trainee Pilot Tech, ROV Pilot Tech 2, ROV Pilot Tech 1, ROV Supervisor and then after over 5 years experience perhaps to the highly acclaimed position of Company Representative.

Dear god, it's not just Supervisor after 5 years, it's Company Man! Very Happy Very Happy
Plot thickens Ray Very Happy
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
Ca-Ching, Ca-ching should be most of these schools theme song!
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
Hey Guys I did my ROV degrees with Subnet and they are really pro. I had allready technical degrees and I really have learned much more related to the ROV´s technology. The Maritime Centre where you do the practice with real ROV´s (not simulator) is very well disigned and proper for a good training. You don´t need to go Uk and pay double for the same thing.
ROV Degree with Subnet ????? Sadly delusional

I try my best to keep my moth shut on here but time and time again the old guard come out with there usual pish!!

When are you guys going to realize this is not rocket science, you are not rockstars, you are machine operators and technicians, you dont design ROVs you fly them and fix them, im no rocket scientist but in the 6 years i have been working on ROV i have to say they are defiantly not overly complicated?? Hyds with some electronics and comms, get a life you wankers, if you were sooo switched on you would be a director somewhere or even an ops manager with a large ROV company (not some two bit operation in SE Asia).

Yes, i agree you need a technical background, and yes you need time on the sticks but scoffing at someone who says you can be supervisor in five years?? If i wasn't supervisor in 5 years i would have quit and found something else??

I have worked with some of you so called legends and im afraid have been totally disappointed,I have been much more impressed with the guys 5 or 6 years in with good backgrounds who have started on the new equipment, ie XLX, UHD, QUANTUM'S, no one wants to hear about the old shit you used to work on and how hard it was because if you work for someone decent you wont be on that old shite!!! Classic example, had a guy with 18 years experience asking what an open center valve was and then why we use them!!! Obviously of star caliber.

The point im making is this, you old feckers are not as great as you think and your on the way out, would it not be graceful to help see in your replacements and help them get along and learn systems instead of shooting them down and making [banned word] of them??? I suppose your apprenticeship back in the old days had some guy shouting at you making you feel stupid, those days are with it or [banned word] off, you will not be missed.

I know whats coming now, "yeah we will leave and vehicles will be lost" absolute bollocks, the only time i have heard these stories is when some old superstar has lost it!!!!

In closing i dont care how old you are or how long you have been in ROV you can still be useless and more importantly that hat you can still be a cock!!

One more thing, half the people know the guys im talking about?? Honestly is anyone in a rush to work with these [banned word]?? I think not!!!

As always PEACE.


What are you getting so bent out of shape about?

If people (new or old to the industry) want to comment on and debate ROV training establishments, how they train people, what they promise the punters plus offer their opinion on what they feel about it, then they should be entitled to do so without having to put up with what is tantamount to abuse from the likes of yourself.

It's quite clear that a few of these training establishments appear to offer the world and simply can't deliver, leaving a lot of people out of pocket wondering what happened to their new shiny career.

By all means offer constructive criticism/debate, but try not to be so antagonistic and cut out the swearing on this public forum. Swearing is not tolerated on other forums and this one is no different whether we are discussing offshore work or not. I have had to add another banned word to the censure list thanks to your diatribe.
James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up
I find it hard to understand how someone who is either lying about his experience ( Ref September last year ) or telling the truth , can express opinions on how Our Industy should be policed !
There will always be people (Old or Young ) who have not "grasped" the way to fly ROV's as much as people who are useless at Hydraulics but good at electrickery or vice versa. If everyone who came in was exceptionally good ..... we would not need a Grading ...........would we !
Just becuase you worked for three years on a Drill support job does not mean you would be any good whatsoever Flying platform inspection.
ROV schools are popping up everywhere trying to get in on the action without the slighetest regard to swamping and lowering the pay structure.
This ain't helping us !
You may feel bitter and twisted that an "Oldhand" is useless on the team but I also feel bitter and twisted that a "Greenhorn" with No experience and there for lack of knowledge should go on the freelance circuit and cause so many problems !
You can still learn from "Old Boys" even if they are bloody useless, It just gives you knowledge in the future as to the best way to go about things , You learn by THEIR mistakes not your own.
But in order to do this, You have to gain the experience in the first place by being in the Industry a certain time otherwise your opinion stands for nothing !
Bit like Teenagers who "Think" they know everything in the world and most certainly do not !
With My experience I am letting YOU know that Blowing your life savings or severance pay on a Course which does not guarantee a place in the industry so that selfishly I do not get a headache the next time I have a team on what should be an easy job !
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
So obviously a wind-up that I'm not going to waste time typing.

Class drivvel...

if you were sooo switched on you would be a director somewhere or even an ops manager
I was on the kettle!
Lost boy, interested to know who is lying or is telling you how to police the industry?? Also interested to ask how many years you feel you need in the industry to become "experienced"??

There is one group and one group only on this site who offer advise on "Policing" the industry and its not the guys just happily working away, its bitter operators with so called experience who should know better.

Weak on electrics?? Weak on Hydraulics...........bollocks, you are an ROV tech, sub eng or supervisor who should be able to deal with both?? There are limited electronics/hyd on an ROV and its such a cop out when people come out with that crap(both young and old), my problem is not only with the old guard its with the young incompetence too, its the only industry in the world you can get a job worth almost a grand a day with no interview and be totally fecking useless!!

I also believe there needs to be a shake up, if there is one thing you "experienced' guys can offer is the ability to [banned word] these useless guys off, if you are soooo important and choose your jobs, work location, day rate, vessel and type of ice cream required for lunch and dinner why do you put up with these guys?? Get rid of them both young and old, you cant fly get off the job?? You dont want to touch Hyd because your Elec, go home, this is the real problem!!! Until this is rectified there will be ongoing issues.

Oh dear , YOU have not been reading very well have ?
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !

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