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This is one carried over from the old forum

One company in the north sea had to pay 800 pounds per day each to get two guys out on a job. There is nobody available worth having! You can't even hire equipment today it's all out. I agree the agencies should push harder, but it's up to the guys to push the agencies too.
End client rates for ROV personnel are between 1500 GBP and 2500 GBP depending on how greedy and who the end client is. So basically rates are crazy low because there is always some joker with no experience who is prepared to take a job for peanuts because he has no choice, and the client has no choice by the time these idiots are put forward by the agencies, 90% of agencies have no interest in your CV, and most do not even read your CV, they just push it to the clients and give a rate for that person, and that is it. if you are highly experienced and good quality, the 2 definately do not go together, then you ask for XXX dollars a day, the agency says no if they can get someone cheaper however useless they are. We have all seen it, you go on a job, and the team is you, some local who may be keen but hasn't a clue, and some joker from one of the agencies, who is good for nothing more than making teas. Then they wonder why we want high pay rates. Basically we are doing 3 peoples jobs!!
before all the agencies go you are joking we do not get paid that, i know, that is end client rates, your BP, Shell etc..., for the big companies it is the cost their ROV dept charges to the project. so 60 to 70 % of what is paid for you by a project is creamed off before you get paid.
it may be worth reminding people before they sell themselves cheap that a rigger (with no qualifications) is now earning a minimum of £333.88 a day under the ODIA. For your info Subsea7 are paying £417 a day for a Supervisor, don't know what they are paying for a P/T

And by the way, thats nay disrespect to riggers. Good for you guys getting the rises.


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