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currently work onshore and have had no offshore experience what so ever and im quite unfamiliar with the industry in general.

my aim is to become an rov pilot/technician.

i have read a book or two watched some good/poor videos on youtube and have a friend who has just started out in his career coming form a similar onshore background to me.

the books i have read/skimmed through are .

:the competent rov pilot/technician ,compiled by subserv ltd
:hand book for rov supervisors by chris bell

both of these books were fascinating and with what knowledge i have gained and what ive learnt so far to expect from the industry i just cant wait to get a start.

just looking for some advice on where to start have thought about doing a course as this is what my friend had done however with the cost of these rov courses at fort william and the like im not sure i want to take that route unless i have no option.
and also if anyone maybe has an idea of what salarys i should expect day rates etc should i be a succesful candidate and get a role in the industry i.e whats typical for a trainee and whats typical should i be succesful and move past trainee etc.

thanks in advance as you can see i have a lot of questions.
There is a section of the forum dedicated to pay rates. it varies a lot with experience and jobs.

can i ask how you came about the books? i would be very interested in obtaining or borrowing copies to read.

the discussion about training courses has been covered to death! many people feel they are a waste depending on who goes on them an their prior experience. the longer you look around here you will find different opinions and answers for all your questions . good luck!
cool! ill definetely do a lot more reading into it on here! same old with an active forum like this look around and ye normally find ur question has been asked a million times over! i got the books from a friend in the industry!

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