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Since I wish to start up a small rov business, I need to know more about the average fees applied in the business of ROV inspection.
My main purpose is to acquire a mini-ROV (as Videoray, RovBuilder, or ACCESS ROV,...), with some optional equipement such as a grabber, a sonar or laser measurement system...(depending on the applications I will focus on..)
Which usual fee (on a daily rate for intance) are applied, for instance for :
- offshore industry (about 100 depth max)
- science and research (marine observation, sampling, ...)
- potable water tank and pipe inspection
- aquaculture
- maritime securilty and hull inspection,
any idea ?
How lond did you take to pay back your ROV ' investment ?

(I am located in France)


I don't make any attempt to hide our baseline costs. You can see them here:

This is mostly for folks who are trying to get a ballpark figure and saves us from having to come up with multiple quotes daily. We do actual work quotes for those who ask for them.

We don't make a distinction between different industries because everyone would claim they are in the cheapest industry. That being said, we do not charge our daily rates to first responders who are looking for a missing person.

Don't take out a loan, pay for it all up front that way you save on interest from the bank.

Submerged Recovery & Inspection Services

Good luck on trying to get rates in Europe at the level Chief is suggesting, I doubt you'll get close, especially if you've no track record. There's a lot of competition out there, from me for one.

Best of luck


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