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I have just been informed that S0n5ub are only paying onshore rates for travel, is this a new thing or is this agency just trying it on?, I have been 100% offshore rate door to door with every other company......except one!

These rates are for a senior pilot tech

£377 offshore day rate,
£226.20 onshore and travel rate,
£414.70 per day when working in West Africa or Norwegian/Danish waters.

I await your responce?.

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"One for all and all for one !!!."

Those rates look all too low !!! Rolling Eyes They're still trying it on even during these VERY busy times. Add GBP 100 to each of those rates and get paid offshore rates door-to-door.
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
Hey Scot,

I know these rates are low, I have been offered 560 euro per day, but I was out here!...........Never mind eh?, I'll be home in three days.

It is the busiest season out there so far, plenty to chose from, I am still wondering if Sonsub are paying onshore dayrate for travelling...........
Anyone else care to comment?, I just want to know if its this agency trying it on, its not one of the regular rov agencys I am using this time.


"One for all and all for one !!!."
If you get the right person to sign your time sheets you get full offshore day rate for all days.
ie Superintendant
and also possible the Client on Board

West Africa bonus around 10-11% and further 10% for Nigeria

Also there was 3% bouns for more than 100 Days worked from June i think to Dec this year.
I get the supernintendo to sign the time sheets,with the travel days marked up, and I always get 100% offshore rate door to door, but this agency (not a regular rov agency) is trying it on by trying to pay me 60% ( 100% of an onshore rate).......I dont work onshore!.

I have been paid 100% offshore rate for travel for the last 3 years with Sonsub, but this time, I believe the agency could be testing myself.

I have been informed that 60% is technically correct for Sonsub, but they hardly ever pay it. Its only if you travel for less than 8 hours and don’t join a ship, I travel for two days to join a vessel.

Also the 3% bonus is paid at the ops managers discretion.

anyone else had similar issues..........(this is not one of the regular rov agencys)............time for a change, I feel.

"One for all and all for one !!!."
I work for an agency and we work with Sonsub.

I can confirm that they dictate what we Pay & Charge at all times. They agency do not have the opportunity to decide.

I can also agree they only pay 60% for your 1st day of travel. If travelling for 2 or 3 days they will only pay 60% for the 1st day off travel.

Must say they are the only client we supply that does this but they dictate and seem to have plenty off agency's willing to work to there rules.

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