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I have been trying to get a British Seamans card but am ineligible because I am Australian.

However I desperately need a Seamans identity document to be able to work offshore.

The MCA issued me with a Discharge Book, however now I have to get a Seamans card to go to work.

What is the equivalent Australian Seamans Card and how do I get one?

Hanging out to get to work.

Thanks for your help guys.

Try to get a Panamanian seamans book. Don't know if you can get it in Oz. But you can go to Singapore. Of course, this is only to get a (any) seamans book.
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
I am actually in the UK, and the UK MCA wont give me one because I am Australian.

But thanks for the advice I am contacting the Panamanian embassy in London and its seems like they may be able to square me away.
Any other advice appreciated.

Were do you need the Red Seamans card for?

If you have the Blue Book all ready that is all i use and many dont have the Red Book Seamans card.

On the Vessels i go on i never see the Red Book get handed in to the

This is what I thought. However I have been told by my potential employers that I need the seamans card.

It is a bit of a pain, but the Panamanian consul in London say they can help me. Has anyone got a Panamanian seamans card, and is this going to be okay instead of a British seamans card?

Thanks for the advice.


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