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I have 12 projects in course:

Renewable Energy (instalations and surveys)
Survey in Dam and Bridges

And only Portuguese companys can do.
I will trie to use only Portuguese guys. To give change to them.

Best regards
Nelson Santo
I suggest you put this in the "Employment Opportunities" section stating the fact that you are inviting only Portuguese People to join your business venture.
Good luck Nelson.
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
As far as I know.

Employment of Portuguese nationals only is not a legal condition anymore, according to EU laws any EU national can and should be given the opportunity of applying for work anywhere in the EU.

No job can be closed to specific EU nationals.

Otherwise you will break EU equality laws.

rayshields wrote:
I Start working in offshore in 2006.
Then i earn some money and i went to take some trainings.
Im waiting to get a job As ROV PILOT TECH since 2007.
I Apply Apply Apply Apply APPLY.
And Hr tell-me that i dont have experience etc bla bla bla .

Amazing, back in 2006 he starts work offshore but doesnt actually get any jobs on ROVs. 2011 he is running an ROV training company AND 12 offshore projects.

See? Do the 3 in 1 course in the Philippines like Nelson did and for you too the world is your lobster!

The man said he has 12 projects in Portugal, not offshore. There is no offshore oil & gas industry here so I would guess that we are talking inshore, harbours dams, rivers etc. This person has approached me a few times over the last couple of years but I refuse to become involved with his operations.

As a reminder it was Nelson that copied ROVworld forum categories last year, lock stock and barrel, and added them to his website. To be fair when I tackled him about this he removed it all, hence the rather dead forum on his site.

Whilst I wish anyone the best of luck in any business venture, I do feel that a person needs to be experienced in the work they undertake, or the services they supply, and suggest this may not be the case in this current venture. My perception of this local market is there would just not be the demand for people to attend an ROV training course in Portugal, a country who's first language is clearly not English. I can't see people travelling in from outside Portugal to attend either. If we thought there were mileage in it we'd have considered the idea eight years go when we both arrived in Portugal, from Thailand, with years of offshore experience already behind us.

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So he took the forum and used it for his own purpose....not cool.

Thanks there James for the background.

I actually thought that he had mountains of experience in ROV's since he is running the school in Portugal. But that could be said with any industry or technical school with no quality control or stand alone standards board monitoring the school and studies.
I wander how did this "Rov Pilots Tech" course from late April to early May 2011 go? If it ever happened...
aquavitpt wrote:
I wander how did this "Rov Pilots Tech" course from late April to early May 2011 go? If it ever happened...

Send a Private Message to: NelsonEspiritoSanto and ask. Then maybe post here and let us all know.

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