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Below is a copy of Subservpro's latest add while i dont have all the information at this point be carefull if going for this contract.

Below says is subject to CIS TAX?

I can see this causing some problems for many guys one reason is they are not registered for that CIS TAX Deductions and secondly many use Seamans deductions scheme and third many dont pay and then there is paye guys and your LTD status guys.

CIS is 20% deduction if i remember rightly at source no choice.

The card displays your small photo and NI Number and has a card number

Large paper trial for who ever takes this work on regardless.
and a loss of income for sure.
I did see Agents wanting Pilot Techs for 350GBP for some wind farm work recently similar to this add which means your return would be 280GBP and also the IR would know what you been upto as well.


We are looking for a Superintendent and Supervisor Qasar :

Our Client has just been awarded a new project which commences next week - 23rd May 2011 (see below for details)

In this regard, we have a requirement for the following personnel:

1 x ROV Superintendent

2 x ROV Supervisors (1 Mech, 1 Elec)

4 x ROV Pilot Techs (2 x Mech, 2 x Elec)

The project will be operating within the 12 mile zone

General Construction, Pull In Support, Lay Support, Mattress Installation. The

In this regard, we would be pleased to receive details of suitably experienced personnel as soon as possible.

Are you suitable?

Ideally, personnel must have experience of SMD Quasar/Quantum ROV - and be familiar with workscope shown.


Vessel has a large carousel and as well as lay ops is likely to undertake some cable repair/jointing works.

Minimum 7 months : rotations 4:4 (6:6 is also an option)

UK North Sea including within 12 mile limit (subject to CIS scheme)

CS4 (125hp Quasar)

Standard UKOOA/OGUK Medical. Opito approved Offshore Survival (min FOET)
CIS Tax is for the construstion industry only. If someone thinks they can use that to cover subsea construction you are very much mistaken. It applies to Brickies etc.

Good luck wi that one.
What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals
Just got another e-mail another agent this time

UK North Sea

SMD Quasar / Quantum ROV’s. The project will be operating within the 12 mile zone, Construction Industry Tax Scheme (CIS) will be in operation

Gents dont get mixed up between a CIS and CSCS which was the safty ticket when i was a contrcator fresh out of my time any way. maybe im out of date. but cis is a self employment thing.
Aye, CIS, SC60, 714, ( not sedco 714)
They are all for trades, ? It would be ace if roving were to be classified as a trade, rather than something we have all just picked up along the way!, with the odd course here and there!
Maybe then it would be more structured
"One for all and all for one !!!."
Maybe I am a little off, but my understanding is that Construction Industry Scheme is for the construction industry only. I had a lot of conttractors working for me under this scheme in a previous life, and it only applied to work carried out on construction sites. Not sure about all teh little subtilties the Tax man chucks into things so would not be suprised if tehre are lots of little loopholes in this one to catch people out with as well.

Just be careful, and check the scheme out properly before taking anything on.

Good Luck.
What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals
Years back I was a civils diver. The construction industry scheme at the time, for self employed people was (as I seem to collect) a 715 scheme. The work was within the 12 mile limit and, as far as I am aware, within 12 miles of the coast you are classed as working in the UK with the same view as those working on land. That's most likely why foreigners working offshore (outside the 12 mile limit) do not need work permits, but those foreigners working offshore within the 12 mile limit do.

Therefore it could well be that construction work, albeit subsea (diving or ROV) is classed as coming under the UK land based construction industry.

So working within the 12 mile limit may well fall under the UK CIS.
Yes I had the same it was a card about the same size as a credit card with your photo and NI number on it also the tax man issued you with a little book about the same size as a cheque book and you will filled out one page putting in the amount and tearing out the page and given it to company .

My one was a 714 I cert that I used the same as James for Diving and Rov , One of the last agencys to accept this card was UKPS in the early 1990
However at the end of 1999 the Tax man changed the rules and made it allot hard to get one .

However when you cut through all the crap if you don't have one of these cards the company will deduct a a large amount of money from your earnings telling you you will get a tax rebate in the future , Its the same as emergency tax .

So deepseacon is correct your be lucky to make £280
so not a very good deal .

I think they must be having problems finding people because all the main line agencys have the job looking for personal .

Well good luck to ever accepts the work


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