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Subsea 7 have told me I will not receive a hazard allowance for working in Nigeria, this is due to the merge with Acergy and that they now feel they have a strong presence in the country and that the infrastructure has greatly improved.

So from this I take it that Acergy personnel also do not receive the hazard allowance? Can anyone confirm this?

Also what are other company’s offering for working in Nigeria?
Well, put it this way, there's good news and there's bad news;

The bad news is you'll get f%&k all!

The good news is they'll be willing to backdate it! Laughing Confused Laughing
Shy bairns get nowt
mmmmm just wondering if they are paying the west africa uplift and then are cancelling the extra uplift for for Nigeria ?? Apparently some companies working there pay 10% for west africa in general and then an 10% on top for Nigeria. Thats what the pot wash on here seem to think for us ( we are entering Nigerian waters next week Rolling Eyes ) Anyway I wouldn't think of Port Harcourt as safe ( a bit like Bolton on a saturday night maybe Shocked ) Even if the "infastructure" has improved ( which I doubt ) then there is still Malaria which warrents the 10% ( minimum ). If its true sound a bit like a money grabber to me, it'll keep the office in christmas parties and cigars .
Well , I for one will never go down there again !
Not for all the Tea in China............ Or India Shocked Hate the stuff anyway Very Happy
Africa is the back water pre Guntotting childish life is cheap corrupt dangerous continent Shocked
If you are white they automatically want to extort money from you and you are a means to easy money Confused
That's not being racialist , just factual.
If you want to take your chances down there ( As you are all grown men and women Wink ) Then go for it , but if it all goes tits up ( Loss of possessions , viral infections or even life ) Don't bleat about it when it happens Evil or Very Mad If you get kiddnapped , I for one will not donate a single penny for your foolhardyness of going down there in the first place.
Just weigh up the hardship and emotional strain on the rest of the family when it doesn't pan out the way you hoped !
Get in touch with the British Embassy and see whether the country designation is on the tourist list for holidays. If it is not .................... Shocked
Then demand more money to go there or don't go there 'cause it aint safe Confused
Common sense should prevail........................ Maybe
Well Nigeria is High Risk and dont let anyone sat behind a Desk tell your otherwise.

A lot of ROV crew would not work there with an up-lift.

So i am sure the list is bigger if there was no up-lift.

Not much you can do if your company will not pay an uplift other than saying your not going if your able to do so.

With Reference other companies working in Nigeria get huge up-lifts for there salary guys related to other positions (NON ROV) guys would not go there if there was no extra pay why would you.

I am happy to work there my self but i would not go for the same rate as SEA or NS or ME etc.

Subsea 7 stopped paying any uplift at all for West Africa a long time ago.

Also bear in mind that depending on the country they pay all your tax to the local government so if you're on a ship you can't claim back any SED either.

The only way to deal with it is to walk with your feet, as I and a fair few others already have.
Can anyone from Acergy also confirm that if you do not get an uplift for Nigeria, do you get a bonus (if so how much) or an increase in salary/day rate. I find it very hard to believe they work for the same money as a guy working in the N Sea.
I'm working for Acergy - now Subsea7 and can confirm that there is no uplift, bonus or higher pay rate for working in West Africa including Nigeria. Pay is the same regardless where you are working.
Nigeria is the pits, I'd never go back there personally - Oceaneering pay a £50 per day uplift.
I also work for Acergy, now SS7, we used to get an extra £14 per day for West Africa but that was stopped years ago, now it's just your normal day rate, we are in transit to Nigeria at the moment, grating and barbed wire now covering the surfer landing, and the "security team" join us when we get there.
I hope it's worth it !
I would not go down there again, Life is cheap !
Anyhow you're all grown men and realise the consequences if it f#cks up
disease , bullet wise and family emotional trauma come with the package.
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
If your stupid enough to work there you don't deserve an uplift. Everyone knows the risks of going there, if your willing to take a chance on behalf of the corporate devils (Acergy, whoever) for a paltry few quid a day extra, more fool you. Personally I would rather walk around with broken glass in my shoes than risk life, limb and my families happyness for a few extra quid.

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