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A Taste of Imagination will begin to train future Rov Pilots Tech late April to early May 2011.

Rov Pilot Tech Training.

(Engineers in the areas of Electronic, Hydraulic and Mechanical)
(Technicians in the areas of Electronic, Hydraulic and Mechanical)

Registration is open.
Oh dear Confused
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
I wonder if these 'schools' ever vet 'candidates' for suitability Question

i.e can they do up a nut and bolt or have any spatial awareness, prior to training?

Silly me, what am I saying? Rolling Eyes
I was on the kettle!
I would like to know were these guys are going to find work after they have done this course .As even guys with 10 years plus experience are having problems finding work .

Yes there are a few more jobs on offer on the web now but how many times do you see " This job is for experienced personnel only and not for trainees "


So what are the guidelines that they will use as a benchmark and the other question is...who gets certified out of these schools as "Engineers"....WOW!

So good luck to them and the individuals who go to these courses. I hope it pays of for them.
Good Afternoon.

My training centre will be different then the others one you can have sure of that.

Reply to Mr Trimtank

Dont hurry with the guidelines perhaps you don't understand what i right the course is only for Engineers and Technicians already with diploma. In Portugal we call Additional certification perhaps you will now what is this . Cenfim, IEFP , IPL . I think Not But...
I have 12 projects in Portugal and i will use this trainees to help me in the jobs and help them to enter in market.
Can you tell-me if the others training center will do this..

Reply to Mr Subman
About your questions i can tell last year i contract 3 guys from Uk you now what happen only bad things. And they have a lot of experience, they have a lot of flying hours . They are worst them me .
I have 12 projects in Portugal and i will use this trainees to help me in the jobs and help them to enter in market and get experience.

Reply To T-Boy
Are some guys that want to enter in market they are better because they want to work they want to learn. You think to be and Rov Pilot you need what nuts and bolts .)

The day rates are very high and few guys have afraid that someone can go there more cheap.

To criticize everyone can do. Can You Make better.
Why everyone still employer and don't start you own company?
Best Regards to everyone that can criticize will give more strong .

Best Regards
Nelson Santo

You should not take personally the comments made. We have all come accross very good pilot/technicians with little experience and some very bad pilots with lots of experience.

The difficulty a lot of guys have with the schools is not necessarily the standard of training but the standard of the trainee. If you are true to your word and genuinely only take in already qualified engineers with an Electronic/hydraulic background then there is no reason that you should not turn out some very good pilots.

The problem is when schools start taking in anyone who can afford the course with no qualification or industry experience. This has appeared to be the case for a long time within some of the established training centres
I hope your school will be different and hope that the pilots you produce are all successful in their new career path.
I fear that over time it will be the same as the other schools around the world as at the end of the day profit is what we are all here for.
Well said LuckyJim

First off Mr. NelsonEspiritoSanto

If you looked closely to my post I stated that I wished your school and the students "Good Luck".

But since you wanted to open the gun ports for broadsides I will be a bit more "critical" so then you can grow!

I have been a field technician for over 25 yrs in the marine industry. I only have 3 yrs experience in the ROV sector and it took me a long time and a very difficult journey in knocking on doors, sending off my CV and in doing extensive leg work and follow up...just to get my foot in the door. That was back in early 2008 when the business was booming!

Because of my service in the RN and Canadian Navy, having written certification exams, and having over 4 yrs of formal theoretical classroom training and extensive equipment training in conducting technical troubleshooting and safety I was accredited as a Certified Engineering Technician through Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists (CCTT) and the technical body in my home province TechNova. These are technical bodies internationally recognized through the Dublin Accord. And TechNova states:

As per bench mark their Membership is restricted to those technology professionals who meet the National Technology Bench Marks in three key areas:

* academic qualifications
* work experience
* professional ethics
* Certification Criteria

The basic criteria for certification as an engineering or applied science technician or technologist are:

* successful completion of an accredited technology program or its equivalent
* at least two years of relevant work experience
* successful completion of the Ethics Exam

So back to my original question about a "benchmark" and that as students being certified as Technical Engineers in trade "as ROV Pilot/technicians" can and will be misleading. Not just to them but the the future clients as well.

I know that my experience as a technician it does not make me an ROV guru or anything of the sort. That is why even though I am certified in my trade as an Electronics Technician as a Engineering Technician....I am by no means an ROV "Engineer".

So in taking a course offered in a school and saying that it will graduate ROV Engineers and ROV technicians.....good luck with that and I wish you and the students all the best.

You further stated that you had 12 projects on the go and that you will employ the students to gain experience. Great, that means that you are charging the client full wages for "technicians and Engineers" paying the students as trainee's and pocketing the rest...I presume based on your statement.
Does your client know of this and is willing to have "trainees" doing the work on all 12 projects? Who is supervising them? Will this supervision be 24 hours? What safety considerations will be followed since they are untrained technicians? What happens if the projects are delayed due to weather, political red tape or budget problems? Do the student trainees still get accreditation as Engineers with no experience? Are these trainees only going to be Portugal nationals...if not then what about work visa's etc, etc.

Gun ports closed.
Hi Nelson

Like luckyjim37 states You should not take this personally regarding the comments made . But I only state the facts that there is little work on offer at the moment for trainees ,Yes I am aware you own a falcon but you only need a crew of 4 to do 24 ops or maybe less So whats all the other guys going to do ?.

In my view people should wait until more work is available and even then most of the main companys do there own in house training programs .

Most of the Rov vets on here have stated the same " WAIT " But people still seem to do a rov course all the same and think that the little cert will guarantee them a job " IT WONT " Any way I wish you and your school all the best .


Look on the bright side, at least they aren't trying to say they certify people to IMCA!

Unfortunately, the link to the training school itself does not appear to work yet.
If you have some skills, i.e a trade background in say Electronics/Mechatronics/Hydraulics to ONC/HNC level or similar, then you should be able to get your feet under the table with any company if you are worth your salt.

Having done an ROV course does NOT mean you will get a job.

Nelson, whilst your intentions are good, you will be met with the same attitude as most training companies, unless you are truly different from the rest?
As for hiring 3 pilots from the UK that were no good, surely that's down to your selection process, or were you just going for the cheapest you could find?

Since when did you have to do a course to apply and be successful at getting a job?
Maybe it's today's I must have it handed to me on a plate generation or maybe I'm a grumpy old [banned word] Confused
I was on the kettle!
Yes Very Happy
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
So, after all who is going to be the master of these trainees? If you want to attract good trainees (with degrees in engineering) they will certainly need to know in advance his experience and his qualifications.

To me it also looks like you naively planned to put you trainees to work in your 12 (!) projects... be careful, next time can be worse than it was with the "bad guys from the UK".
I Start working in offshore in 2006.
Then i earn some money and i went to take some trainings.
Im waiting to get a job As ROV PILOT TECH since 2007.
I Apply Apply Apply Apply APPLY.
And Hr tell-me that i dont have experience etc bla bla bla .

Amazing, back in 2006 he starts work offshore but doesnt actually get any jobs on ROVs. 2011 he is running an ROV training company AND 12 offshore projects.

See? Do the 3 in 1 course in the Philippines like Nelson did and for you too the world is your lobster!
T-Boy wrote:

Since when did you have to do a course to apply and be successful at getting a job?
Maybe it's today's I must have it handed to me on a plate generation or maybe I'm a grumpy old [banned word] Confused

I kind of disagree with your comment. If you were a plumber or electrician you have to do training to get the relevant qualification. You can not be a diver without doing courses prior to doing the job. The only difference with the ROV industry is we have no standards except the IMCA ones. These are not mandatory as we all know but if you are entering into the industry and are a bit green they appear to be and guys could be sucked into believing they are. The downside is now it appears there is such a negative attitude to anyone who has done one of these courses off their own back that it may start to be detrimental to them when they start to look for work.
Maybe it is not the candidates but the whole working environment as these days without the right piece of paper you are not qualified to get out of bed.

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