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Interestingly enough this was received recently from the RMT......

18th January 2011

Dear Colleagues,


Further to my letter of 1st November 2010 regarding the above, I write to update you on
the current situation. We are still seeking CV's from members and these should be
fonvarded to Louise Marshall, Industrial Relations at
We have had one meeting with the MUA and three of the employers so far and I am
scheduled to meet with them again on 21st February 2011. We are currently trying to
identify the exact numbers required for this work; there are a number of projects
underway and quite a number of vessels - somewhere in the region of 40 vessels will be
involved. At first, it is envisaged it will be slow to staft but should gain some momentum
throughout the course of the year.
The biggest problem we face at the moment is sorting out working visas and
immigration status which is currently being discussed and addressed with the MUA, the
employers and the Australian Government. As I am sure you can appreciate this is out
of our hands and the strict immigration laws that apply in Australia are fairly rigid - if
only we had the same here we might not have the problems we face with employment
for our own seafarers!
In the first instance, all unemployed seafarers will be given preference for consideration
for positions in Australia. If you are in regular full time employment, my advice is to
carefully consider your position as a lot of this work in Australia is temporary, albeit may
well be long term temporary.
The job opportunities exist mainly in the Offshore Supply, Anchor Handling, Diving
Vessel and Dredging Sectors of the industry as well as some work on Accommodation
Barges. The positions available will mainly be for AB's, IR's (GP/IDF), some
MotormenlGreasers and possibly some Cooks and Stewards although there is not a
great demand for the latter. Tours of duty (or swings as they are commonly known in
Australia) will be approximately 6 weeks on 6 weeks off and flights to and from Australia
will be paid by the employer. It will be your responsibility to hold a current valid medical
The agreement covering RMT members will be the MUA Collective Bargaining
Agreement which is negotiated between the MUA and the employers and you will be
paid in accordance with that agreement. As soon as we have full details of what that entails
I will advise you accordingly, however,
it is more than double what you would
receive on a Supply Vessel or Diving Vessel in the UK.
You should note that as a consequence of any work you do in Australia you will be
required to join the MUA (Maritime Union of Australia) as a fully paid up member for the
duration of your employment. This is in addition to continuing your current and up to
date membership with RMT.
Please be assured that everything is being done to speed up this process and we are
working very closely with the MUA and the Companies.
I would be grateful if you could bring this letter to the attention of your members.

Yours Sincerely

Steve Todd

National Secretarv
Shy bairns get nowt
Shame......................................... I don't see any mention for ROV Confused
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
Shame......................................... I don't see any mention for ROV mention of T-Boys either Confused
I was on the kettle!
Don't get your hopes up! The RMT didn't know what an ROV was when the ROV union push went on some time back. They still don't know now either. It's trains all the way, with a few cargo ships thrown in for good measure, other than that they have yet to prove to anyone that they have clue about organising anything offshore, especially in their own patch, i.e. the North Sea!

Full marks to the MUA and the Oz ROV boys for getting where they are at today on pay and conditions.... $100/barrel .... and who's making the money?

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This wasn't meant to be a big thumbs up for the RMT by the way. I jacked in quite some time ago when the fat controller didn't want to know us and the OILC forum disappeared.

It does show however that some negotiations are taking place and the door is starting to open down under.

The thin end of the wedge maybe for when the work on the West coast Gorgon stuff really kicks off?
Shy bairns get nowt
I'm happy that the Oz ROV folks can have the opportunity to get their just rewards. IMHO - I think that if you guys can get a "reasonable - upgraded" contract, that's great! The Gorgon project is huge but please, please all folks interested in getting your foot in the door there, please check (and re-check ) the rules and regulations. They're tough and strict.
I got your economic downturn right here!!!

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