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David Binnie, managing director of OPITO said:
MIST set a new standard to ensure that everyone, regardless of role or discipline, has the same basic safety understanding.

So, if it's not basic safety, what's the Basic Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) course (that we all have to attend) supposed to be all about then?

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funny you should mention Malaysia as they are one of the countries behind IMIST,also Nigeria [ Who of course enjoy and recognise scams ]is in there too.
Yes I see where you are leading with the multi ticket routine.

I dont know if this is true however,I have just heard that the company,TALISMAN are now insisting on MIST for vessel based ops.

Perhaps anyone in the know could enlighten us.
Ticket to use a Fluke meter, soldering iron, megger, wire snips, tape measure, emery cloth, anything else folks????
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
I've been doing some digging and also written to OPITO and IMCA from a personal perspective. The Standards and Approvals Director of OPITO has responded in depth, but I will not be publishing private mail between the two of us into the public domain.

What I will do is offer, from what I am learning, some pointers as to where all this is leading to, and try to get across the strong feeling I have that ( in spite of it being suggested that the industry and offshore co-workers have apparently been consulted over minimum safety training) I sincerely doubt if any of the consultation ever filtered down to us that work on ships. Yet the standard is gradually being applied to all offshore workers, whether it is relevant to vessels or not will probably make no difference.

The below information is from the [ur=]Step Change in Safety website[/url], whom it seems asked OPITO to convene a work group to create a minimum industry Safety Training standard following their Boots On for Safety Campaign held during 2006.

Dates for Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST)... ...implementation.

The Oil and Gas industry have successfully been working towards the development and application of the industry initiative, the Minimum Industry Safety Training, commonly referred to as MIST. This initiative borne out of Boots on for Safety project in 2006 identified the need and gave the industry an opportunity to raise the safety bar for our entire offshore workforce.

MIST became 'live' on April 1st 2009 enabling some companies to seize the opportunity of increasing the awareness of their offshore staff at an early stage.

The decision was made to establish two significant milestone dates for implementation.

The industry agreed that the;

1st January 2010 was the date that all new starts coming into the offshore oil and gas industry would undergo the two day MIST course, and importantly the

1st January 2011 was the selected date for all experienced offshore staff to go through the well established Computer Based Training (CBT) programme.

With about 35.000 licenses sold to participating companies, we are well on track to achieve our ambition of getting everyone through the CBT by the end of the year. We encourage everyone to maintain the drive to meet the deadline set some time ago and ensure that all offshore personnel are adequately trained and competent to meet the demands of our industry.

This still begs the question (and answer) of what has become of the BOSIET as well as why have this on top of the BOSIET???? I suspect that no feasible answers will be forthcoming from this crowd. And finally, being involved with several safety programs in the past few years, I had not heard of any MIST or IMIST consulting offered to us folks offshore.
I got your economic downturn right here!!!

Your missing the bigger picture here.

It would appear that anyone can now decide to create a SAFETY course.

With the right promotion, you can get the operators to buy into it and decide it should an industry standard.

So what's stopping some enterprising ROV Bod from making a Minimum ROV safety training course. From what I can tell, nothing.

IROVA, One for you?

And before anyone gets all upset, if there was to be a IROVSTC certificate, which was an industry standard, all of a sudden, we have a bargaining chip which would stop the ROV companies from being able to send joe bloggs off the street out as a tech for peanuts, especially if the certification was managed by an organisation such as the IROVA.

Food for thought gents?
I was in the pub.

I would think this is one of the issues that would be on the menu at the table. Hence, my tongue-in-cheek reply a few above here (cert for using a Fluke, etc.) - heh, heh!
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
Rovnumpty , I like it Smile
But the "schools" cannot give it only IROVA Very Happy
Bloody excellant ! Cool
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
I did the assessment and then did some questions on 3 subjects.
The whole thing took less then an hour.
Write notes when you get the lessons if you cannot pass it.
I had to answer 2 questions on each chapter.
And COSHH asks about hierarchy of controls and labels on containers, very easy.
I logged in as an administration and management.
Client rep, Ops Supt
I think by now we have ascertained what MIST is and if we need to take the course/exam or not... so this thread will be locked.

There is another thread running on MIST, and procedure for compliancy, at:


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