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Well done dude! Like hearing sh_t like that!!! In-house trained or house-sponsored training is the only way to go - especially ROV factory - based training!! Bril and good luck!
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
Right Legends, ( in your own teabreaks or minds)

Would it be possible to get back on track and concentrate on the first post, the man was directing the question at previous students that he taught, and although there have been a few replies, none of them would appear to be constuctive or helpfull, they mostly appear to be negative jibes towards fort bill, every one has an opinion, (albeit ill-informed <perhaps>).
I have worked with most of you "posters" on this topic, and I can say that I would work alongside Vince again!.

Thats just my tuppence worth, its not negative its not slanderish, Vince p.m me and I will try to help you out,............after being made redundant Twisted Evil

All for one and one for all............aye brothers.

Your best bet will be Fugro UK, maybe the biggest owner of Falcons? and if you really do have 20yrs of electronics with common sense then you should be useful. try and talk to Andy Stewart

Neptune in Aberdeen also would be interested in you, try and talk to Barry

If you are ex RAF I would certainly suggest Brendon Kelly at Oceaneering Aberdeen, loves a story about stuck under carriage

Good luck, should be a few jobs coming shortly
SUBliminal wrote:

Which one of you guys is going to take responsibility for any of the companies you've worked for???! I thought not!

You are of course right. You shouldn't have to take responsibility. Or should you? If you merely work for the snake oil manufacturer then you are of course exonerated from any wrong doing. You obviously believed all the students from all the courses around the world were in fact walking out the door straight into lucrative contracts in the exciting world of ROVing and you were in no way fleecing hopeful and gullable young men out of their hard earned in the shadow of the worst downturn in the industry in recent memory.

I sincerely hope you find your old students. I bet they want to have a few words with you and your old colleagues. I could have passed you loads of their CVs they sent to me this year but of course I delete them straight away after writing a polite apology explaining that their certificate is worthless.

A note to the working, qualified personnel out there. Just for your information, most of the CVs have a covering letter that offers their services for nothing for the first month or two. I wonder if they are coached to say this in their 'lessons'.
James, Savante, Senior, Thanks!

FIRST and FOREMOST, thanks for ALL your comments. I mean it, people should express themselves.
I know a lot of you have a big chip on your shoulder about the place where I worked and other schools. As an employee, I wasn't treated any different!!! "I worked for them" and that's that!?
Simple fact is I'm looking for work, and like most of you guys I'll take what I can get. I (you) can't ever afford to be too fussy?! Do me one favour though, just remember I'm NOT TUC. I just did my job, and I did it well under the circumstances. And yes, 99% of my old students would agree!!!
Savante hit the nail on the head; I have good diagnostic skills on 'all electric' vehicles. Although I have worked on hydraulics (TUC and offshore), my last job offshore (August2010) was working on a Triton st216, it was a great experience. I met some really nice people, with only one of them being a complete tw@t, there’s always one!?
Tc1, why don’t you get me a slot out with you? Then I can answer all your questions in detail. Sorry, but I’m too busy just now looking for work to spend all day typing replies to you, with two kids to look after I need to prioritize, and job search comes first.
I’ve had 3 replies so far from old students, 2 working, 1 still looking, and all of them like most people on this site have been helpful.
FINAL WORDS: I’m looking for work.
A big THANK-YOU, (in advance) to those who have helped, by providing contacts and those about to.
Vince. Please keep it coming.

PS Tee-Shirt Burnt!

PPS KreuzOps, I'm glad to see you're sticking with the Avitar!!?
Have you got a PT II certificate?. Confused Send me it so I can frame it. Along with the certs of your other (allegegely) theiving fiends(sic) By the way, I've built an ROV company from nothing. You, have only destroyed hope. You charlatan.

I can be sued at:

Robert Black
Kreuz Subsea PTE
Google Me You Tool.
Rob, (pls see below) you have an issue with Paul BURY/TUC! But you don't have the B@lls to take it up with him/them!! You would rather attack someone who was mearly employed by them, ME!!! Your actions are TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL and UNACCEPTABLE, I can't imagine your bosses would consider your actions appropriate for a man in your position, or is this how you do business out there?!
Also, from below you state that you wouldn't employ any gullible people! But in your Email to Jorg you stated "That said, the fact that you went on the course shows a level of enthusiasm that is admirable. I will bear you in mind when we open the books next for trainees."
As far as I am aware, you yourself, completed a course at The Underwater Centre/Fort William long before I ever worked there. True???!

Posting from Rob BLACK!
I'm posting this in the hope there are any lads reading this who are thinking of attending an ROV training school.
Two years ago before I was piloting this desk, I was a Supervisor on a Technip vessel. We got an agency guy in over christmas as a pilot tech that none of my team had ever heard off before. Turns out he was the chief instructor from a well established 'training' school in the Scottish Highlands moonlighting on his leave.
He was without doubt the weakest pilot or technician we had ever had on board, we replaced at the ealiest oppotunity and asked our office never to employ him again. I also caught the little weasel going through my e-mails when I returned to the control room early one morning.
I wouldn't trust him with a stuffed animal, let alone the training of new personnel.
All ROV schools are a rip-off. Don't waste your money, you will learn more from a good Supv on you first trip that they will ever teach you. If you go on a course and send me your CV, it will be binned as I don't want to employ gullible people.
If you meet someone who works at one of these places, treat them the same way you would treat a timeshare salesman. Actually that is unfair on Timeshare salesmen. END OF POST

In Short, I do NOT appreciate a personal attack like this from YOUR SORT!!


Thanks for the response.I would really appreciate it if you could spare just a couple of minutes of your valuable time to let me know if you are aware of anyone ever failing one of the courses.

A simple yes with a number or no will help.
I can only talk in depth of students on the Electronics course, as that was my primary job function.

Keep the following question in mind!

How many would you expect to fail??!

1, Having spent a considreable sum of their own personal money, more than 99% of my students put in 100% effort!

2, I was acutely aware of how much money they had spent. I therefore had NO intention of letting them down! If need be, and they were putting the work in themselves, then I would on my own FREE time go into the centre in the evenings and week-ends and give them 1to1 tution.

3, Very, very few failed my course. IIRC they all had their course fees paid for them!!??

Let me ask you 1 simple question:
If you went on the course, paying for it with your own "Hard earned Cash", WOULD YOU FAIL???

I am PROUD to say that I had a VERY low fail rate, because it's a reflection of my hard work and commitment to my job/Students. It's also, ofcourse down to the commitment of the students. Something that Rob BLACK himself admires.
And for the SAME reasons I get OFFENDED when someone calls me a CHARLATAN!
I worked BL@@DY HARD in doing my job! And I did it well!!!

PS How's that Job slot coming along???
Sorry what's IIRC???

If I Recall Correctly.

Hi Guys.

I just wanted to say; I'm not here to dish out crap to anyone. But I'm not here to take it either!
I wasn't trying to sound full of myself either, as I know there's always more to it!?

Just a bloke looking for a job. Nowt wrong with that!

I've had some nice replys via PM and Email, Thank-you.
And on that note I feel the thread may now be closed otherwise it will continue to drag down to a TUC hate thread and even more personal insults.

Thread locked.

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